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This page handles the import of POI in the city of Enugu (Nigeria) according to the Bad imports procedure.

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Issues with the data

Lack of data quality

I can't remotely check most parts of the data quality in that city, as I don't know the POI positions, names and other attributes in real-life. However, there are many mistakes against OSM tagging that could be avoided by simply discussing the import better.

Take the tags of node node 2455133716 as example.

Key Value Note
BRANCH_NAM Ogui Road All these capitalised tags are duplicates of the regular tags
CATEGORY_1 Financial Institution
EASTING 7.49278
HEIGHT 215.100006
NORTHING 6.437721
POI_ID POI001572
POI_NAME Enterprise Bank
POI_PICTUR Long link
POI_PICT_1 Long link
addr:postcode 400.0 I wonder if the postcodes in Enugu are really decimal, also note that this key has also been modified since the import, the old key used "postcode"
amenity bank Yay, a good tag
branch_name Ogui Road This should be operator or brand I assume
category Financial institution This isn't standardised (and implied by amenity=bank)
easting 7.49278 Duplicating position is unneccesary
height 215.100006 Height information is nice, but I doubt this was measured up to one µm precise.
house_number 0.0 Not a standard tag, and are housenumbers decimal?
id POI001572 No reference to what it means
image long link Link is broken meanwhile
image:url long link Duplicate of the image key, and the link is broken
location 3.0 No idea what this is
name Enterprise Bank Looks ok
northing 6.437721 Duplication of position information is unneeded
number_of 1 No idea what this is
street_name Ogui Road Should use the standardised addr:street tag.

Lack of discussion

There is some documentation on the wiki on the Enugu State Routing Project page. But the documentation is very sparse, and there's little discussion

License of the data

The data seems legal to me.

Contacted users involved with the import

Possible fix

None so far


When you look at branch_name and name, it seems like the full name is Enterprise Bank Ogui Road. When I compare this with my local situation, this would mean that Ogui Road goes into name and Enterprise Bank in brand or operator. (escada)