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This page handles the import of POI in the city of Enugu (Nigeria) according to the Bad imports procedure.

Issues with the data

Lack of data quality

I have serious questions about the amount of highway=living_street tagged ways in the city. There's no reference to that tag on the Highway Tag Africa page. This is because the difference between living street and residential is defined in terms of laws and regulations. The living street is a special street when pedestrians have absolute right of way.

I doubt such legal differences would exist in any Nigerian city, so that would make all those streets residential, like the other streets (unless cars can't pass there, in which case they should be paths).

Note that the data also had connection issues in the past, but these have been fixed by later fixes.

Lack of discussion

There is some documentation on the wiki on the Enugu State Routing Project page. But the documentation is very sparse, and there's little discussion.


License of the data

The data seems legal to me.

Contacted users involved with the import

Possible fix

Retagging of living street to be residential by Mikel.


Mikel has offered to retag the streets, which seems fine by me (see 18299011 (Visualise)). --Sanderd17 (talk) 07:37, 25 January 2016 (UTC)