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Baltimore editors are working on adding all MTA, local university, and other bus routes to OpenStreetMap. This process uses relations under the new public transportation proposal.

Best Practices & Procedures

JOSM is the best editor for managing complex linear relations, especially when paired with the Public Transport plugin. There are many advantages to having public transport routes on OpenStreetMap, including many unknown to me (--ElliottPlack 15:23, 9 January 2013 (UTC)). This is why it is best to adhere to the documented methods of mapping the routes.

Tackling a project on such a massive scale works best when broken down. We've decided to break it down into phases.

Phase 0: Planning

Before beginning we had to decide on a few standards. We decided that all routes in the Baltimore area will have the network=Baltimore attribute. We also decided bus operators would be spelled out fully, not abbreviated.

Phase I: Routes

Visually, the most rewarding thing about adding bus route relations is having them appear on the Transport slippy map on the main page. Thus, phase I is mapping routes alone.

Begin by reviewing official schedules and route maps. Using JOSM, select the ways of the bus route in order and then add them to a relation. Working with TIGER street data in Baltimore is tricky, because many roads exist as long ways with many intersections, especially in downtown areas. Before adding disjointed segments to the relation, split them at the intersection where the bus turns. In JOSM, the relation editor will indicate if there are any gaps in the relation. When complete, save changes and then select the relation via the JOSM select procedure (close the relation editor). Using the public transport plugin is the best procedure for tagging the route.

Useful Links

Progress - BaltimoreLink, ExpressLink, & Commuter Routes

BaltimoreLink is a nearly complete overhaul of bus routes, implemented on June 18, 2017. Editors are tracking their progress on these new lines using this Google spreadsheet. The commuter routes (those numbered 200 and above) are unaffected by the changes.

BaltimoreLink Relations

The following tags are being used for the new relations of BaltimoreLink routes:

  • network=BaltimoreLink
  • name=CityLink or LocalLink XX: [destination]
  • public_transport:version=2
  • start_date:2017-06-18
  • operator=Maryland Transit Administration

BaltimoreLink Naming/Numbering System

The numbering/color system is as follows:

  • Colors: CityLink routes (high frequency)
  • Numbers 20-49: Crosstown routes that travel around the central core.
  • Numbers 50-99: Radial routes that travel toward/away from the central core.

Progress - Legacy Routes

These local bus lines were replaced by the BaltimoreLink system, on June 18, 2017.

Bus Branch Type Route Mapped Route Mapper Comments Route Map Link Route Schedule Stops Master Route
1 Sinai Hospital Main Yes user:ElliottPlack
1 Fort McHenry Main Yes user:ElliottPlack
1 Mondawmin Metro Station Branch No
1 Fayette & Carey Short Turn No
1 Calhoun & Edmonson Short Turn No
3 Sheppard Pratt Main Yes user:ElliottPlack
3 Inner Harbor Main Yes user:ElliottPlack
3 Cromwell Bridge Branch Yes user:ElliottPlack
3 Taylor Ave Short Turn Yes user:ElliottPlack
3 Pioneer & Fleetwood School SB user:ElliottPlack
3 Plymouth & Pinewood School SB user:ElliottPlack
3 Alameda & 33rd No
3 St Paul & 25th No
4 CCBC Dundalk Yes user:ElliottPlack
4 Turner's Station Yes user:mdroads
5 Cedonia Yes user:mdroads needs turn at Lakewood
5 Mondawmin Metro Station Yes user:mdroads
5 Patterson Park & Lanvale No
5 Federal St No
7 Mondawmin Metro Station Yes user:mdroads
7 Canton Yes user:mdroads
7 Ablemerble No
7 Linwood Ave No
8 Lutherville Light Rail Yes user:ElliottPlack
8 Univ of MD Transit Yes user:ElliottPlack
8 Greenmount & North No
8 Pioneer & Fleetwood No
8 Plymouth & Pinewood No
9 International Circle Yes user:ElliottPlack
9 Lutherville Light Rail Yes user:ElliottPlack
10 40/Rolling Road Yes user:mdroads
10 Bullneck Yes user:mdroads
10 Paradise No
10 North Bend & Frederick No
10 Lafayette & Calhoun No
10 Kane & Lombard No
10 Dundalk & Center Pl No
10 Turner's Station No
11 Towson Town Center Yes user:ElliottPlack
11 Canton Yes user:ElliottPlack
11 Bedford Sq No
11 Charles & Bellona Yes user:ElliottPlack
12 Kirk & Bartlett No
12 Stella Marris Yes user:ElliottPlack
13 Fells Point Yes user:mdroads
13 Canton Yes user:mdroads
13 Walbrook Jct Yes user:mdroads
13 Morl& No
13 Milton Ave No
13 Sinclair & Collington No
13 Kane & Lombard No
14 Patapsco LR Station Main Yes user:mdroads
14 Jumpers Hole Rd Branch No
14 Annapolis Main Yes user:ElliottPlack
14 Baltimore Alternate No
15 Perry Hall Branch Yes user:ElliottPlack
15 Security Square Main Yes user:mdroads
15 Westview Mall Branch No
15 Rutherford Business Park Branch No
15 Walbrook Jct Short Turn No
15 Monrovia & Gunther Short Turn No
15 Gardenville Short Turn No
15 Overlea Main Yes user:mdroads
15 CMS at Security Branch No
16 Mondawmin Metro Station Main No user:ElliottPlack
16 Brooklyn Homes Main Yes user:ElliottPlack
16 Washington Blvd Short Turn Yes user:ElliottPlack
16 SB via Violetville Branch Yes user:ElliottPlack
16 NB via Violetville Branch Yes user:ElliottPlack
18 Owings Mills School Yes user:ElliottPlack
18 Velvet Valley School Yes user:ElliottPlack
19 Carney Main Yes user:ElliottPlack
19 Goucher & Taylor Main Yes user:ElliottPlack
19 State Center Main Yes user:ElliottPlack
19 Northern Pkwy & Marietta School No
19 St. Lo & Sinclair School No
19 Plymouth & Pinewood School No
19 North Ave Late Night No
20 CCBC Dundalk Main Yes user:ElliottPlack
20 Dundalk Marine Terminal Branch Yes user:ElliottPlack
20 CCBC Dundalk from CMS Branch Yes user:ElliottPlack
20 DMT from CMS Branch Yes user:ElliottPlack
21 Fells Point Main Yes user:ElliottPlack Yes
21 Mondawmin Metro Station Main Yes user:ElliottPlack Yes
22 Bayview Main Yes user:ElliottPlack yes
22 Mondawmin Metro Station Main Yes user:ElliottPlack yes
23 Fox Ridge Main Yes user:ElliottPlack
27 Port Covington Main Yes user:ElliottPlack
27 Reisterstown LR Main Yes user:ElliottPlack
29 Cherry Hill Circulator Main Yes user:ElliottPlack Loop
30 Bayview Peak Yes user:ElliottPlack
30 Edmonson Village (peak) Peak Yes user:ElliottPlack
30 City Hall Main Yes user:ElliottPlack Y
30 Edmonson Village (off peak) Main Yes user:ElliottPlack Y
33 Rogers Ave Metro Station Main Yes user:ElliottPlack
33 Moravia Main Yes user:ElliottPlack
35 White Marsh Main Yes user:ElliottPlack
40 Middle River Main Yes user:ElliottPlack QB
40 CMS Main Yes user:ElliottPlack QB
46 Cedonia Main Yes user:ElliottPlack QB
46 Paradise Main Yes user:ElliottPlack QB
97 Mondawmin Shuttle Bug No
98 Hampden Shuttle Bug Yes user:mdroads Loop route - start/end at Woodberry Light Rail Station
104 Johns Hopkins Yes user:ElliottPlack
104 Cromwell Yes user:ElliottPlack
10x Light St No
10x 40/Rolling Road No
15x Paca St Express No
15x Perry Hall Express No
19x Carney Express Yes user:ElliottPlack
19x Goucher & Taylor Express Yes user:ElliottPlack
19x State Center Express Yes user:ElliottPlack
3x Cromwell Bridge Yes user:ElliottPlack
3x Inner Harbor Yes user:ElliottPlack
5x Cedonia Yes user:mdroads
5x Downtown Yes user:mdroads