Bardstown, Kentucky

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Bardstown, Kentucky, United States
latitude: 37.8137, longitude: -85.451
Browse map of Bardstown 37°48′49.32″ N, 85°27′03.60″ W
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Bardstown is a city in Kentucky, United States at latitude 37°48′49.32″ North, longitude 85°27′03.60″ West.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.

To Do

  • TIGER fixup - Mainly, all roads need to be reviewed. Make sure to remove the "tiger:reviewed=no" tag while cleaning up the roads.
  • GPS traces - I don't know of any GPS traces done in the town yet. These will be extremely helpful in cleaning up the Tiger data.
  • POI's - Some of the larger POI's in the town have been added, but a huge number are missing.
    • Along with POI's, drawing in buildings would be quite helpful. As well as adding in landscape - grass, water features, etc.
  • Clean up city zoning. In many areas, the city's zoning runs exactly along roads, leading to a lot of duplicate nodes. If you know the correct way to fix this, jump in.
  • Improve this page - more clear writing, better visual presentation, etc.


  • Bardstown mapping page created (the one you're looking at now)



Please add your name to this list if you wish to aid the Bardstown mapping effort to ease communication. There is no formal leadership for mapping efforts in Bardstown, so don't feel like you need permission to make edits and get started - be bold!