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Barrie, Ontario, Canada

latitude: 44.382355, longitude: -79.688802
Browse map of Barrie 44°22′56.48″ N, 79°41′19.69″ W
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Barrie is a City in Ontario, Canada at latitude 44°22′56.48″ North, longitude 79°41′19.69″ West.


Mapping in Barrie is actually pretty easy. The City of Barrie has a GIS portal. On that portal you will find most information relating to Barrie's infrastructure, including Garbage Collection, Public Transportation, current & upcoming construction projects and much more. The County of Simcoe also has a Interactive Map, where information could also be gathered from to help in mapping data on OpenStreetMap.

Active Contributors

Below are the active contributors to mapping in Barrie:

Mapping Projects

Below is a list of mapping projects that will help to improve coverage of OpenStreetMap data in Barrie.

  • Public Transportation: Plotting all bus and train routes & stops in Barrie. Visit the project page for more details.
  • Street names: Improving all street names and adding new ones that are missing.
  • Buildings: Tracing all buildings using the latest satellite view.
  • House Numbers: Plotting all house numbers in Barrie.
  • Schools: Plotting all schools in Barrie.
  • Fire Stations: Plotting all fire stations in Barrie.
  • Police Stations: Plotting all police stations in Barrie.
  • Parks: Plotting all parks in Barrie.
  • Beaches: Plotting all beaches in Barrie.
  • Businesses: Plotting all businesses in Barrie.

How can I help?

Are you familiar with Barrie, Ontario? If so, feel free to contribute to the map. Wether you want to add your local park or your business, its simple and easy. If you are new to OpenStreetMap, this guide will help you.