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Public transport in Barrie, Canada
Status started

The following is a list of the public transportation routes in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. These routes are currently being migrated to PTv2.

Barrie Transit

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The Barrie Transit network relies on buses across 24 routes, with major interchanges at Georgian Mall, Georgian College, a Downtown Terminal, two GO stations (Allandale Waterfront and Barrie South), and Park Place. All Barrie Transit elements are denoted using network=Barrie Transit. A live map exists to view route configurations and real-time bus locations. For more information, including fares and service notices, visit the City of Barrie website.

See Barrie Transit Wikipedia page.

Route Summary

Route № Official name PTv2 name Relation Schedule link
1A Georgian Mall Park Place → Georgian Mall relation 6788407 Route 1
1B Welham Georgian Mall → Park Place relation 6788408
2A Dunlop Park Place → Downtown Terminal relation 6788414 Route 2
2B Park Place Downtown Terminal → Park Place relation 6788419
3A Bayview Barrie South GO → Downtown Terminal relation 6788436 Route 3
3B Painswick Downtown Terminal → Barrie South GO relation 6788437
4A East Bayfield Barrie South GO → Georgian Mall relation 6788637 Route 4
4B South GO Georgian Mall → Barrie South GO relation 6788638
5A Edgehill Downtown Terminal → Sproule Drive relation 6790634 Route 5
5B Wellington Sproule Drive → Downtown Terminal relation 6790635
6A Letitia relation Bus 6A (see below) Route 6
6B College relation Bus 6B (see below)
7A Grove Park Place → Georgian College relation 6791692 Route 7
7B Bear Creek Georgian College → Park Place relation 6791693
8A-NB RVH relation Park Place → Essa → Georgian College Route 8A
8A-SB Yonge relation Georgian College → Yonge → Park Place
8B-NB Crosstown relation Park Place → Yonge → Georgian College Route 8B
8B-SB Essa relation Georgian College → Essa → Park Place
100A Red Express relation 12238780 Route 100
100C relation 12241326
100B Blue Express

Route 6A & 6B naming

The documentation for bus route relations states that "if the bus route is a round trip, the 'to' and 'from' tags will be the same ... in the case of such a bus route, you can choose to use 'Bus <ref>' as the name."[1] The current PTv2 naming reflects this for routes 6A and 6B by setting the name field to Bus 6A and Bus 6B, respectively.

Platform Maps

Platform maps can be found online for the Downtown Terminal, both GO Stations, and Park Place.

1A 1 10 1
1B #310[2]
2A/B 8 2
3A 7 6 3
3B #737[3]
4A/B 4 4 7
5A/B 5
6A 6
6B 7
7A 2 2 2
7B 13
8A-NB 8 10 3
8A-SB 13 3 6
8B-NB 5 8 4
8B-SB 2 #310[2]

Additional Platforms

GO Transit

Main article: GO Transit

A full schedule and route map of GO buses and trains can be found online at

GO Trains

Route Summary
Line Official name PTv2 name Relation
BR Barrie Toronto ↔ Barrie relation 148585

GO Buses

Route Summary
Route № PTv2 name Relation
68 Barrie Bus Terminal ↔ Aurora GO relation 7770073
68B Barrie Bus Terminal ↔ East Gwillimbury GO relation 7770085
68C Barrie Bus Terminal ↔ King City GO
68D Allandale Waterfront GO ↔ Union Station

Simcoe County LINX

Main article: Simcoe County transit agencies

Route information is available on the Simcoe County website.

Route Summary
Route № PTv2 name & Relation
1 relation Penetanguishene → Barrie
relation Barrie → Penetanguishene
2 relation Wasaga Beach → Barrie
relation Barrie → Wasaga Beach
3 relation Orillia → Barrie
relation Barrie → Orillia
4 Relation Collingwood → Wasaga Beach
Relation Wasaga Beach → Collingwood
5 relation New Tecumseth → Bradford West Guillimbury
relation Bradford West Guillimbury → New Tecumseth
6 Relation Midland → Orillia
Relation Orillia → Midland


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  2. 2.0 2.1 This refers to stop number 310: node Essa at Allandale GO
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