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blender-osm is a popular open source (GPL) addon for Blender developed by vvoovv. blender-osm provides one click download and import of OpenStreetMap and real world terrain data for Blender with global coverage. Two versions of the addon are available:

They are briefly described below.

Premium version

In addition to the features of the base version, the premium one provides:

  • Import of buildings from OpenStreetMap with default materials, tileable building textures and UV-mapping applied
  • Default materials and textures to mimic lit windows for a late evening setting
  • Import of forests and single trees as 3D objects
  • Options to use custom tileable building textures (e.g. from
  • Satellite imagery and web maps projected on a terrain

The addon blender-osm (premium) is available at for $17.80. All customers will get the addon source code under GPL license. All default textures and materials supplied with addon are released under the CC0 (public license). The detailed documentation is available here.

Base version

The base version of the blender-osm addon provides one click download and import of OpenStreetMap, terrain and GPX tracks for Blender. Blender-osm supports Simple 3D buildings specification to a large extent. A significant number of roof shapes is supported: flat, gabled, hipped (for a quadrangle outline only), mono-pitched, half-hipped, round, pyramidal, gambrel, dome, onion and saltbox. The addon is available at for free or an optional price to support the addon development. The addon source code is available under GPL license!. The detailed documentation is available here.