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Bradford, West Yorkshire

latitude: 53.7904, longitude: -1.7545
Browse map of Bradford 53°47′25.44″ N, 1°45′16.20″ W
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Bradford is a city in West Yorkshire at latitude 53°47′25.44″ North, longitude 1°45′16.20″ West.


Bradford is a major city and metropolitan borough in West Yorkshire, UK. It is about 9 miles west of Leeds.

OSM coverage

Coverage within the ring road is quite comprehensive, thanks in large part to the mapping party (see below). Progress on other towns and villages is progressing well. There are large rural areas within the borough that may take longer, as there is no Yahoo aerial imagery coverage.

NaPTAN data for West Yorkshire was imported in September 2009, so bus stops might appear in the middle of nowhere if roads have not been added to OSM.

Post box coverage

See for a summary of progress in mapping post boxes in the UK.


There are numerous walking and cycling routes in the area, including:


Future events?

Nothing planned. If you're in Bradford and would like to organise a meet-up. Let's do it! Edit the page!

We did have a discussion with the folks behind, who are interested in collaborating, and working with the council on mapping allotments. With some interest from users: Growbradford, Harry Wood, LastGrape/Gregory & chippy/tim waters. But we didn't manage to make it happen. That was in 2015.

Past events

31st May 2009

Keighley Mapping Party 2009 nearby.

27th and 28th September 2008

The first full-on weekend mapping party for Bradford.

27th February 2008 First OpenStreetMap Pub Crawl, Bradford

Bradford was the location of the first OSM pub crawl, between pubs Cock & Bottle, the New Beehive Inn, and the Fighting Cock, mappers mapped different routes between each. Aim was to fill in some of the key roads in the centre, whilst drinking beer, and keeping fit walking around the hilly streets of this West Yorkshire city.