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Bucharest (44.43,26.10, OSM map, g, mq, mm, wll, what?)


Bucharest is the capital of Romania.

Bucharest, Romania
latitude: 44.43, longitude: 26.10
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Bucharest is a city in Romania at latitude 44°25′48.00″ North, longitude 26°06′00.00″ East.

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History of OSM progress

Transport rules for Bucharest


See also Metro Bucharest in Wikipedia.


Stations (railway=station) can be marked either as points or areas. Station names should be identical to the ones called at the P.A. system: that is, the X in "Urmează stația X" ("Next station X").

Shops/vending machines etc. in stations should be marked as points in their respective locations; they should not be overlapped on the station even if there is only a point

It is recommended to have a relation named like the station that contains all the relevant points and areas. For interchange stations, the relation should be named without any number, while the actual stations should have the number appended to them

Please use the following tags for stations: