Bus routes in Aberdeen City

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Bus routes in Aberdeen, the United Kingdom

Mapping Aberdeen (Scotland) bus network.

Status Started


  • routes - just neiljp so far!
  • stops/platforms - full information probably only by neiljp, though a fair number have been added in the past by others (no naptan though).

If you intend to contribute, or have done, it'd be useful to coordinate efforts.

Stop notes

Added data on 'complete' stops:

  • name (on sign, top of timetable)
  • ref (5-digit, on sign, bottom right of timetable)
  • shelter (yes/no)
  • bench (yes/no)
  • services (note=serv[ic]es: a,b,c,d, e,f, g); tagged like that to match group-by-4 on signs

No stops have yet been added to routes, though many are surveyed. Stops have been marked in the old and new schemes, since even now there is disagreement on whether the new is worthwhile or not.

Route notes

First routes have a colour (see table background colour of number) and a small triangle in the boxes of the bus-stop signs. Non-first routes have not yet been surveyed at all, though service tagging on stops should enable these to be added later.

Completeness Key

Symbol Meaning
Routing Route status
Stops Stops status
Base Code NA 0 1 2 3 4 X
{{State Route|r=...|h=}} Routing - implies status unknown Routing (0/4) - no part of route added Routing (1/4) - route partly added (as relation) Routing (2/4) - route mainly added, needs completing Routing (3/4) - route relation complete (in view of 1 editor). Should be verified. Routing (4/4) - route complete & verified by second editor. Please date. Routing (X/4) - route does not exist in real world.
{{State Route|r=|h=...}} Stops - implies status unknown Stops (0/4) - no stops added to relation Stops (1/4) - some stops added Stops (2/4) - most stops added, needs completing Stops (3/4) - all stops added to relation (in view of 1 editor). Should be verified. Stops (4/4) - route complete & verified by second editor. Please date. Stops (X/4) - no stops in real world. Unlikely to be used without r=X as well.


Route Bus operator Route description Notes Status Relation ID
1 First TBC Segment along King St Routing (1/4)Stops (0/4) relation 3626226
2 First TBC Segment along King St Routing (1/4)Stops (0/4) relation 3626227
11 First TBC Routing (1/4)Stops (0/4) relation 3566938
12 First TBC Routing (1/4)Stops (0/4) relation 3567629
13 First TBC Routing (1/4)Stops (0/4) relation 3633063
17 First TBC Routing (1/4)Stops (0/4) relation 3538137
18 First TBC Routing (1/4)Stops (0/4) relation 3538138
19 (platinum) First TBC Routing (3/4)Stops (0/4) relation 3523464
20 First Hillhead - TBC Route from Hillhead - Mounthooly already added and stops surveyed Routing (2/4)Stops (0/4) relation 3571790
23 First TBC Routing (1/4)Stops (0/4) relation 3538141