Bus routes in Elche

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Bus routes in Elche

Mapping Elch's bus network.

Status started

A list of Bus routes in Elche. Routes already entered can be seen on Öpnvkarte[1]

Colour and symbol legend

The status of each map region is indicated by a symbol, which describes the type of feature, and a colour, which indicates the completeness of that feature in a map region. See Wiki Help for a key to the colours.

Meaning of symbols

Symbol Meaning
Routing Route status
Stops Stops status

Elche. Daytime services

No. Name Route Status Notes
A Toscar-Centre relation 1835858 Routing (1/4)Stops (3/4)
B Toscar-El Pla-Hospital relation 1835925 Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4)
C Carrus-Centre relation 1837445 Routing (1/4)Stops (1/4)
D Carrus-Altabix-Hospital relation 1837459 Routing (2/4)Stops (3/4)
E Centre-S. Antoni-Zona Estadi-Hospital relation 1837687 Routing (2/4)Stops (3/4)
F Centre-Altabix-S.Antoni relation 1837742 Routing (1/4)Stops (2/4)
G Centre-Sector V-Nou Hospital relation 1431385 Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4)
H Centre-C.Esportiva-Altabix relation 1838087 Routing (2/4)Stops (2/4)
I Centre-Nou Hospital-El Pla relation 1247097 Routing (1/4)Stops (3/4)
J Centre-Raval-Hospital relation 1838178 Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4)
R1 Centre-La Galia-Bonavista relation 0 Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4)
R2 Centre-BºCementeri-P.Aguiles relation 0 Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4)
R3 Centre-Partida de Carrus relation 0 Routing (0/4)Stops (0/4)

Elche. Night buses

No. Name Route master Routes Status Notes
N1 Servicio nocturno relation 1318236 Routing (3/4)Stops (0/4)
N2 Servicio nocturno relation 2791143 Routing (3/4)Stops (0/4)