Bus routes in Pamplona

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Bus routes in Pamplona

Mapping Pamplona's bus network.

Status started

A list of Bus routes in Pamplona. Routes already entered can be seen on Öpnvkarte[1], OpenCycleMap[2] and OpenMap[3].



We have a relation to download all bus stops: relation 4001077


The status of each map region is indicated by a symbol, which describes the type of feature, and a colour, which indicates the completeness of that feature in a map region. See Wiki Help for a key to the colours.

Meaning of symbols

Symbol Meaning
Routing Route status
Stops Stops status


Daytime lines

No. Name Route master Routes Status Notes
L1 Universidades relation 2857253 Universidad de Navarra => UPNA: relation 5492644

Cizur Menor => UPNA: relation 5492648
UPNA => Universidad de Navarra: relation 2553579
UPNA => Cizur Menor: relation 3161462

Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4)
L2 Cortes de Navarra - Echavacóiz
L3 Circular Oeste: Centro - Ansoáin
L4 Barañáin - Villava
L5 Orvina 3 - Universidad de Navarra
L6 Rochapea - UPNA
L7 Villava - Chantrea - Barañáin
L8 Plaza Blanca de Navarra - Buztintxuri
L9 Renfe - UPNA
L10 Beloso Alto - Orcoyen
L11 Ezcaba - Edificio El Sario
L12 Ermitagaña - Mendillorri
L14 Ayuntamiento - Rochapea
L15 Paseo de Sarasate - Zizur Mayor - Ardoi relation 5492804 Paseo Sarasate => Zizur Mayor (Ardoi): relation 5492803

Zizur Mayor (Ardoi) => Paseo Sarasate: relation 3205468

Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4)
L16 Aizoáin - Noain - Beriáin
L17 Mutilva - Artiberri
L18 Urb Zizur Mayor - Sarriguren relation 4001232 Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4)
L19 Monte Monjardín - Barañáin
L20 Plaza Príncipe de Viana - Gorraiz
L21 Circular Este: Centro - Ansoáin
L22 Yanguas y Miranda - Berriosuso
L23 Plaza Príncipe de Viana - Olloqui
L24 San Juan-Mercadillo
L25 Plaza Merindades-Entremutilvas

Nighttime lines

No. Name Route master Routes Status Notes
N1 Avenida San Ignacio - Zizur Mayor
N2 Paseo Sarasate - Barañain
N3 Bajada de Labrit - Noáin-Beriáin
N4 Paseo Sarasate - Aizoáin
L5 Bajada de Labrit - Huarte
L6 Cortes de Navarra - Mendillorri
N7 Pasero Sarasate - Avda. Baja Navarra
N8 Bajada de Labrit - Mutilva
N9 Paseo Sarasate - Orcoyen
N10 Cortes de Navarra - Sarriguren