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This is part of CLC06+UA Canary Islands import process.

Present situation

There are 26 ways with tag landuse=forest in Tenerife, 2 in La Palma and 8 in Gran Canaria (Jan 9, 2011). There are 0 in the other islands.


Recently, there have been an initiative to import Corine vegetation layers (Four Corine layers Spain 2011) in to Spain. Canary Islands was excluded initially due to dense present mapping, nevertheless only in one island the vegetation is well mapped nowadays. This import could be a good adding to the map and a improvement of it.


These are the planned stages.

Stage Description Status Notes Who's involved (feel free to volunteer to any stage)
1 Comunity discussion Started at Feb 1, 2011 See Talk-es for details javiersanp
2 Data preparation Completed Download shapefiles, select Canary Islands features, reproject, combine UA with CLC. javiersanp
3 Publishing Completed Publish results with Mapserver javiersanp
4 Analisis Completed Check data with other sources and OSM. Manual replace / improve / preserve existing ways. javiersanp
5 Conversion Completed Export to osm and tagging with Ogr2osm javiersanp
6 Refine Completed Validate and delete duplicate nodes with JOSM. Split ways to less than 2000 nodes chunks. javiersanp
7 Import Completed Upload to OSM. javiersanp


These are the layers used:

From Corine Land Cover 2006 version 13

From GMES Urban Atlas

  • es008l_las_palmas.shp
  • es025l_santa_cruz_de_tenerife.shp

Data preparation

These shapefiles are generated using Ogr2ogr and reproyected to EPSG:4326:

  • clc311.shp = Selection of Corine features in Canary Islands
  • clc312.shp = Idem
  • clc322.shp = Idem
  • clc324.shp = Idem
  • ua.shp = es008l_las_palmas.shp union es025l_santa_cruz_de_tenerife.shp
  • ua20000.shp = Selection of 2-Agricultural areas, semi-natural areas and wetlands layer from ua.shp
  • ua30000.shp = Selection of 3-Forest layer from ua.shp
  • nature.shp = From Geofabrik Canary Islands Feb 7, 2011

These other are generated with QGIS from the previous.

Layer Source Tags Features (1,2)
1 clc311_menos_UA.shp clc311.shp - UA.shp natural=wood, trees=broad-leaved, source=CLC06 15
2 clc312_menos_UA.shp clc312.shp - UA.shp natural=wood, trees=coniferous, wood=coniferous, source=CLC06 60
3 clc322_menos_UA.shp clc322.shp - UA.shp natural=heath, source=CLC06 34
4 clc324_menos_UA.shp clc324.shp - UA.shp natural=wood, wood=mixed, source=CLC06 6
5 ua30000_menos_clc311-312-322-324.shp ua30000.shp - clc311.shp - clc312.shp - clc322.shp - clc324.shp. natural=wood, source=GMES UA 91
6 clc311_y_ua30000.shp clc311.shp intersection ua30000.shp. natural=wood, trees=broad-leaved, source=CLC06; GMES UA 26
7 clc312_y_ua30000.shp clc312.shp intersection ua30000.shp. natural=wood, trees=coniferous, wood=coniferous, source=CLC06; GMES UA 87
8 clc312_y_ua20000.shp clc312.shp intersection ua20000.shp. natural=wood, trees=coniferous, wood=coniferous, source=CLC06; GMES UA 436
9 clc322_y_ua30000.shp clc322.shp intersection ua30000.shp. natural=heath, source=CLC06; GMES UA 35
10 clc324_y_ua30000.shp clc324.shp intersection ua30000.shp. natural=wood, wood=mixed, source=CLC06; GMES UA 1
  • (1) ua30000.shp and ua20000.shp was processed to merge U.A. 122 Roads in order to get continuous polygons.
  • 1-4 are vegetation present in Corine but not in Urban Atlas.
  • 5 vegetation present in Urban Atlas but not in Corine.
  • 6-10 are vegetation present in Urban Atlas and Corine. Corine allows a better categorization of the UA data.
  • (2) 5-10 smallest orphands resulting from previuos process was merged with adjacent parents.
  • TO DO: Check using also CLC 323 layer.


It have been adopted the WikiProject Corine Land Cover/Tagging scheme, ussing natural=wood instead of landuse=forest because in Canary Islands there are not managed maintained or industrial used forest. This is the schema used in the actual mapping. Tag wood=deciduous is avoided because Canary Islands forest are mainly perennial. Commons tags:

In Corine:

In Urban Atlas:


You can previsualize the results with this home made WMS.


The WMS shows OSM data with landuse=forest as a transparent red layer. Results could be overlapped with Ortofotos de Grafcan or other sources. Corine data into UA area are discarded because the second is more recent and with better spatial resolution.Neverthless they are used to distinguish vegetations types. Some features from layer clc312_y_ua20000.shp was used because they fit better with present forest areas showed in OrtoExpress than with agricultural areas.

Imported data is compared with OSM forest/wood areas (from Geofabrik natural.shp) and conflicting landuse areas (residential, industrial, etc.) extracted with Osmosis from Geofabrik canary_islands.osm (unfortunately this metod don't include relations). This is a list of afected ways:

Way Island Tags State Notes
90017308, 91761032 La Palma landuse=forest Replace Corine fits better with OrtoExpress
33291325 La Palma landuse=residential Edit Refine border
61752151 Gran Canaria landuse=forest Keep Not present in UA/CLC
69872556 Gran Canaria natural=wood Keep Not present in UA/CLC
69874067 Gran Canaria natural=wood Replace Improve tagging and OrtoExpress fitting
69884628 Gran Canaria natural=wood Replace Part of a bigger polygon
70122344 Gran Canaria landuse=forest Keep Not present in UA/CLC
70122345 Gran Canaria landuse=forest Replace Part of a bigger polygon
70122346 Gran Canaria tourism=camp_site Replace Part of a bigger polygon
70122348 Gran Canaria landuse=forest Replace Improve tagging
69902752, 42369619 Gran Canaria landuse=residential Edit Improve fit to OrtoExpress
27775231, 28010861, 28516938, 28522623, 28522658, 28522803, 28522825, 28607544, 28607586, 28607617, 28607694, 28607751, 34653070, 34881026, 34905715, 34941873, 34941903, 34990786, 36865530, 36865531, 60659745, 77417537, 94972821 Tenerife natural = wood Replace
28700484, 87925769 Tenerife landuse=forest Edit
95402597 Tenerife natural = wood Keep
34905948, 34905903 Tenerife natural=fell Replace
85423445 Tenerife natural=lava Edit
34990807 Tenerife landuse=farmland Edit
83459419 Tenerife leisure = golf_course Edit


Ogr2osm translation file for non capital islands (Corine only): and capital islands (Corine and Urban Atlas):


Island Relations Ways Nodes Status
La Palma 14 72 15541 Changesets 7290967, 7291293 and 7294708
La Gomera 14 65 6389 Changesets 7269037, 7280728 and 7285296
El Hierro 3 22 4793 Changesets 7266907, 7279531 and 7282002
Fuerteventura 0 3 252 Changeset 7260090
Lanzarote 0 1 121 Changeset 7260090
Gran Canaria 21 166 29615 Changesets 7425405, 7425053, 7424685, 7423376 and 7422991
Tenerife 33 333 27703 Changesets 7459404, 7458027, 7451092, 7442540, 7442505, 7442448, 7442313, 7442232 and 7442164
Total 85 662 84414