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CORINE land cover 2006 v 13:


Finished for the most part.


- Fixing some badly imported polygons (at least one in Galicia and some others in Catalonia)

- Deciding which areas can be imported for the province of Madrid.

- Less important: updating tags.


These four CORINE layers are imported for Spain with the tags:

  • 311 - Broad-leaved forest



source=UE CORINE land cover 2006

  • 312 - Coniferous forest



source=UE CORINE land cover 2006

  • 313 - Mixed forest



source=UE CORINE land cover 2006

  • 223 - Olive groves



source=UE CORINE land cover 2006

Geometry process

  1. Downloaded CORINE shapefiles.
  2. Download file natural.shp from (01/01/2011)
  3. Compute difference to avoid most overlappings
  4. Split results in provinces to facilitate upload and inspection
  5. Convert to .osm with gpsbabel
  6. Remove duplicate nodes
  7. Upload to OSM (editing nodes to avoid overlappings if necessary)

Provinces excluded

Table of uploads

Province Uploaded or scheduled date to upload User
girona/gerona excluded Somebody has uploaded it partially, probably respecting areas that are being mapped manually
santa cruz tenerife excluded CLC06+UA Canary Islands vegetation
las palmas gran canaria excluded CLC06+UA Canary Islands vegetation
toledo yes oscarorbe
cuenca yes oscarorbe
albacete yes oscarorbe
guadalajara yes oscarorbe
ciudad real yes oscarorbe
caceres yes oscarorbe
badajoz yes oscarorbe
cordoba yes oscarorbe
jaen yes oscarorbe
granada yes oscarorbe
malaga yes oscarorbe
almeria yes oscarorbe
sevilla yes oscarorbe
cadiz yes oscarorbe
huelva yes, tags 'wood...' added oscarorbe
castellon yes oscarorbe
valencia yes, tags 'wood...' added oscarorbe
alicante yes, tags 'wood...' added javiersanp
murcia yes, tags 'wood...' added oscarorbe
barcelona yes antecessor
tarragona yes antecessor
lleida/lerida yes antecessor
huesca yes, tags 'wood...' added oscarorbe
zaragoza yes, tags 'wood...' added oscarorbe
teruel yes sanchi
baleares yes, tags 'wood...' added oscarorbe
navarra yes, tags 'wood...' added oscarorbe
alava yes javiersanp
guipuzcoa yes, tags 'wood...' added oscarorbe
vizcaya yes vgonzalez
la rioja yes vgonzalez
cantabria yes sanchi
asturias yes vgonzalez
la coruña yes, tags 'wood...' added oscarorbe
lugo yes sanchi
orense yes, tags 'wood...' added oscarorbe
pontevedra yes, tags 'wood...' added oscarorbe
leon yes vgonzalez
valladolid yes sanchi
avila yes vgonzalez
zamora yes sanchi
palencia yes sanchi
salamanca yes vgonzalez
segovia yes vgonzalez
soria yes vgonzalez
burgos yes sanchi
madrid Not yet. Before import we should decide what to erase and what to keep ?


If someone does a better import, you can remove the data in this import by using the tag:

source=EU CORINE land cover 2006

In some apps, the white space must be replaced by %20:


To do

· Match tagging scheme uploaded, with international standard Tagging scheme > en español

311 = landuse=forest + wood=deciduous (see talk page)
312 = landuse=forest + wood=coniferous
313 = landuse=forest + wood=mixed
· keep Corine ID in all polygons (see talk page)