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rename this cat to Category:Contribute map data and move to proper subcat

I guees this cat. was created because of Contribute map data. But almost all links here are present in top level cat (Category:categories): Features, Projects, Import, Guide, Software/Editors, Guide/Beginners' guide etc.

I suggest to rename this cat to Category:Contribute map data and move from top level to Category:Portals. Xxzme (talk) 16:48, 6 February 2015 (UTC)

I think you can change it. --Mcke (talk) 09:25, 7 February 2015 (UTC)
I will do it later. Moved it to Category:Portals for now. Xxzme (talk) 16:29, 17 February 2015 (UTC)
What does this renaming really gives ? Nothing, except more words, so not needed.
OK for the move to Portals, but there's no real distinction if you add "map data", even if the current main article for this category is about contributing map data (using editors or import tools), the other kind of contributions to the project is to document this wiki (not map data), or help finance the project, or promote it to support the opening of public data with open licences compatible with the project (via loggying), or to find new contributors (by public demonstrations or by communication in public areas or communication channels on the Internet such as Facebook, Tweeter, Wikipedia articles in other languages describing the project or its tools).
So in summary "Contribute" is good enough for grouping all these actions ("Contribute map data" would be too restrictive).
Note also that Xxxzme's knowledge of English is very limited (his/her native language is actually Russian, but he/she also broke the Russian translations that were going nowhere after his/her work), and most of the banners posted in lots of pages were in fact almost never argumented in the talk pages (those banners in most cases were pollution). In fact Xxxxzme also removed many parent acategories, leaving many of them orphaned (without any ancestor except the maintenance category! this left many categories inaccessible by normal visits, even in English...)
So I am opposed to the blind renaming (which would also impact translations, something the Xxxzme NEVER considered when he deeply restructured the wiki, breaking many links across languages) which offers no interest except complicating the task (Xxxzme also never updated the double or triple redirects he/she created, I had to fix a lot of ones, so that they link to the appropriate page). The situation was more dramatic when he/she splitted many existing pages, moved contents across pages, or merged them in English: a lot of desynchronizations occured in all other languages and the essential topics were mixed up complicating a lot the task of translators.
It was a real nightmare to correct the many things that were broken by him/her, it required a lot of work (but when I did this work to make the wiki usable again, in the many edits I had to do, I unavoidably made some minor errors (and someone did not like it and never discussed with me, when I was "punished" by her for something that was extremelky minor, a single forgotten character already corrected).
Personnaly I support the full translation of this wiki and sorting all languages so that they are synchronized and maintainable. I also support simplifying the overcategorization in many pages (which complicates more without benefit, when articles should have the smallest number of specific categories, the categorization being moved to categories, that are smaller and simpler to maintain without modifying lot of pages).
Renaming this category to a more specific name will not improve the categorization for any existing page, or it will cause more pages to be overcategorized.
For now the structure of the wiki is globally correct for all important topics, and navigatable (there are still old pages using too many old categories that also mix various languages but they are limited in scope, but I won't propose any merge or restructuration, except sorting them by language; there remains also some pages that don't use the appropriate language code prefix, they will be fixed progressively; now people have a wider view of the OSM project in more languages than just English, and translators have less difficulties to find appropriate links to the content; and the wiki is now correctly indexable by search engines, including the local search). It is more open to more languages than what it was before (I did this language sorting using the fully documented procedure, that is explained in the page linked from all pages using the Languages template, that I have fixed to cover all existing languages on this wiki and many more that could be expanded).
The final big step will be to sort the tag description pages (this is a challenge because their current naming is not parsable and they currently don't use a translatable naming convention using language code prefixes with colon). This is left for later even if the necessary templates are (partly) translatable in a relatively easy way. — Verdy_p (talk) 02:30, 27 May 2015 (UTC)
Delayed answer because of admins.
Well if you were reading [1] more carefully and especially "Improper categorization of categories is a cause of over-categorization" section and faced situation at wiki BEFORE I started any change ([2]), then you wouldn't complain about 100 pages moved here and 50 pages recategorized here. Big numbers are due to organized and chaotic changes to wiki. In order to sort content (you have re-categorise in order to reduce overcat) you have to make mass changes in cats.
And YES I was aware that some changes are not the best, but they are slowly improving categorisation. You cannot bake cake from s*, it will be s*.
If some category was spammed with 100 pages I HAVE TO do something about it, provide better category structure at least for short term.
I don't understand why you mention 2l and triple redirects, they are easy to spot and fix. You should act smarter, not harder. Write wiki script to perform routine changes line redirect fixing.
This is job for bots and tools, not humans. Why did you blame me for not doing it? I was prioritizing different things.
Outdated translations are at wiki not because of me(!) or due to my changes(!) but because software at this wiki is absolutely awfull for translators. Outdated pages hardly get better by you updating their cats or worse by me placing newer cats only for content in English/Main namespace. Xxzme (talk) 18:14, 29 August 2015 (UTC)