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This article or section may contain out-of-date information: Nowadays there (at least) is the ccbysa fork Rather look on that page.
If you know about the current state of affairs, please help keep everyone informed by updating this information. (Discussion)

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This is an old call to design a fork of OSM for all of those who didn't want to work with the ODbL license (back in 2012 during the license change process)

Please fill in and organise this page draft.

Note: most of the detailed discussion on this issues has taken place on google groups. The options for an OSM hosted fork have also been documented.

Steps to take

Do not accept the odbl and convince as many mappers as you can to not accept the odbl license

Put your ideas here on how we can best achieve this.

See User:Frederik Ramm/A message to those who want a fork for reasons why such negativity is bad.

Find a new appropriate Domain

I have just registered and (I currently forward them to my own website (cannot forward here due to technical reasons), but will forward them to our new page when decided). I would happily hand them over for free to our "Fork" once we get going. (it is easier to register a domain before talking about it... don't want some Cloudmade/Geofabrik guys getting alternative easy to remember URLs into their hands).--Extremecarver 18:59, 22 August 2010 (BST)

I take issue with Extremecarver claiming Cloudmade/Geofabrik having control over the domain names of the project. The domains are controlled by the OSMF and Cloudmade/Geofrabik do not have any control in the OSMF. See my point direct to him here.
He may be alluding to which I've been holding since 2007 (when I was contemplating a fork myself). That was about one year before Extremecarver joined OSM. --Frederik Ramm 07:39, 23 August 2010 (BST)

Reasons for not accepting

link to appropriate pages on the wiki and forum/ML threads.

For example, Why you should decline.

Find new Server Infrastructure

Setup a new alternative board and organisation

Further work to convince the OSMF and others that the change to the Odbl in its current form is not acceptable

Make it possible for new member to join again OSM without accepting the Odbl

Find a new Project name

Find a domainname

The organisation needs rules

The rules should contain clauses that the mapping community is the copyright owner of the data and the organisation only owns the domain names and trademarks. The Community licences its data to the general public, not to the organisation.

Modifying mapping tools like JOSM that they support multiple data servers for down- and uploads

Communication strategy

Wee need some information about the project

  • Why does the project exist
  • Information about the project organisation
  • Reasons to join the project
  • Legal information