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Community Update From 02 June 2010 to 08 June 2010

Image Of the Week

Cloudmade mapzen.JPG

Maps from with Housenumber-search and various maps-styles

Project of The Week

FIFA World Cup 2010, Part 2

  • Map a training stadium
  • Trace buildings and other features with Y!
  • Local mappers: Add house numbers

Mailing Lists Talks

UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) ( on talk@ and tagging@)

Proposal to have the ability to put an ID on objects which would stay invariable whatever you do with it. So you could have something to point at instead of node id's which can change easily.

Also ideas on having barcodes or QR-codes and if it could help in situations like the earthquake in Haiti.


On the topic of Haiti: a fundraiser was mentioned on the list:

Mapping wide steps (talk@ and then went to tagging@)

How to map wide steps that would cross for example a pedestrian area? They're thinking about relations to handle this:


Osmose: quality insurance tool (talk@)

Analyses map data for common errors. Updated daily.

Planet file now over 10 GB (talk@)

A good time to post several statistics on the list. Those interested in these numbers should dig through the archives, making a summary of lots of numbers isn't really possible :-)

Custom rendering of a small map

(with a tool other than the usual renderers like Mapnik or OSMarender) was mentioned in this discussion

Tagging proposals (tagging@)

Sedimentation tanks

Redirected to storage tank proposal: Proposed_features/storage_tank

Garden specification (voting)


Motorcycle repair (proposed on list but put in wiki as approved)


Bazaars (small shopping streets) (proposed)

discussion on whether this needs its own highway tag Proposed_features/Bazaar

Tagging discussions (tagging@)

Beauty parlour



What's the difference between garden and park?

Apparently some confusion as some parks have "Garden" in their name. But the difference looks clear enough, with the occasional borderline case

Slag heap (nl and fr: terril)

landuse=landfill + landfill=slag_heap/slag?

Blog Posts