Project of the week/2010/May 30

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Geen Point Stadium leisure=pitch

This week's project: FIFA World Cup 2010, Part 2

The FIFA World Cup will kick off in South Africa next week. In preparation, points of Interest were collected . All that remains is to add the finishing touches.

You can help in 3 different ways:

Map a training stadium

Many of the training or secondary stadiums are in large cities and have Yahoo! coverage. Choose one from wikipedia and start tracing trace them.

The tags for outdoor sport fields are


Trace buildings and other features with Y!

The stadiums have been traced, but in some cases the surrounding areas still needs some work. Choose one from this list and start tracing: WikiProject_South_Africa/Soccer_2010_Map

Local mappers: Add house numbers

If you happen to live near one of these stadiums, collect house numbers and add them to the buildings that was traced.