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Community Update from 18 April 2011 to 24 April 2011 (week 2011-16)

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Image Of the Week 2011-16


osm2xp uses OSM data to generate 3d buildings for X-Plane

Project Of The Week : Convenience stores

Prepared foods occupy that middle ground between groceries and a restaurant. Some delicatessens have seating and table service, and might be correctly tagged as amenity=restaurant. But the stock in trade of the deli is prepared food. Cured meat, or potato salad, or caviar, or herbed olive oil for inclusion in your family meals. The convenience store might provide you with a pre-made sandwich and a carton of milk, but table service is unlikely. So is a chair. Recent studies have found that urban areas with financial challenges often lack the markets and grocery stores from earlier in this project of the month.

This week we look at those not-quite-restaurants that are not quite food vendors. The prepared food vendors such as delis and convenience stores are the focus of this Project of the Week. Let's put our local delis and convenience stores on the map.

Rome Italian deli.jpg

Quick News


Nothing Here


  • New release of KDE Marble1.1.0
  • New version 0.1.4 of OSM2World
  • New release of MoNav 0.3 ... offline routing on many OS platforms
  • New release of GpsMid 0.7.3

Other News


While the "Mandatory Re-licensing" phase has started last week, it seems that some (a lot of?) users are checking the PD box without even looking at it when they accept the new CTs. This resulted, of course, in a big debate on "should we change it?", "should we remove it? ", or "leave it alone!" .


RFC : Child Care

This new proposal aims to create a tag for places where children can do their homework, play or spend their time otherwise after school or kindergarten. It needs your comments so add them to the talk page.


RFC : Associated Entrance

Objects with multiple entrances can be hard to tag with the old tagging schemes. This proposal suggests a relation for all the different entrances.

This proposal needs your comments so add them to the talk page.


RFC : Associated Address

On the same day as the previous proposal, another related one has been suggested. It's also about addresses but deals with buildings which have multiple addresses and POIs. These 2 proposals are not exclusive, so this one needs your comments too on the talk page.


RFC : Automated Tasks

Sometimes your edit is only temporary in OpenStreetMap. But since it is a "long term" change (a few months) you forget about it and when the situation is back to normal, you don't change the tags accordingly. This proposal adds a set of tags for managing these kind of situations. It also suggests to handle these tags automatically with a bot.

This proposal needs your comments so add them to the talk page.



Big thanks to AndiPersti, Stephan75, Sanderd17 and !i! !