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Community Update from 11 April 2011 to 17 April 2011 (week 2011-15)

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Image Of the Week 2011-15

Saransk online mapping party video screenshot.png

Video made to show the Saransk map

Project Of The Week : Food Month continues

This week we look at food vendors who offer specialty ingredients. The butcher, baker, cheesemonger, fish shop, and other specialty food stores are the focus of this Project of the Week. Let's put our favorite specialty ingredient vendors on the map.

Seafood chijin.jpg

Quick News



Other News

Moving To ODBL Phase 3 Begins!

Since nearly 2 years now, the OpenStreetMap community discusses the change of the licence from CC-By-Sa to the new ODBL. So far users could voluntarily agree to the ODbL. Now the next phase has started. In this phase all undecided users must either accept or decline the new licence before they are able to edit. (If you don't agree, you still have the possibility to change your mind later...)

A bunch of tools has been created/adapted to track those new signing users like

More , More and More

Voting On : Sidewalk as separate way

People want to map sidewalks on OpenStreetMap. There are some proposals which either use separated ways or not. This one uses a separate way and has reached the voting phase. So add your vote to the page.


Voting On : Vegetarian food

When you tag a restaurant or a snack, you can add information about the food which is served. But those tags currently don't include enough vegetarian (or other "special" diets) possibilities... This proposal adds a bunch of tags to handle them. So add your vote to the page.


Voting on : Water details

This proposal adresses two points:

  • For areas tagged with natural=water it should be possible to mark which type of water body it is.
  • River bodies and reservoirs should be tagged consistently with other water bodies, using natural=water.

It has reached the voting phase, so add your vote to the page.

New Proposal : Recycling centre

Currently mappers use amenity=recycling to map anything from small paper/plastic containers up to big recycling centres. This vague definition is a problem for renderers as for routing programs, since they can't differentiate between those two, even though centers are more important than the small containers (which are used basically everywhere in countries that have a distinct recycling program).

Please check this proposal and leave your comments on the Talk page.



Big thanks to AndiPersti and !i! !