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April 2011 - Food Month continues

April is food month. We'll be tagging various portions of the food supply system in and around our homes. We'll look at marketplaces for the full month; venues for many vendors. Through the month we'll look at individual vendors of various foods. As always, Project of the Week and Project of the Month exist only to encourage your mapping. You don't need to wait for a project to add a cheese shop to the map! Unless, of course, you waited for this week! This week, we address the cheese shop.

Specialty ingredients

A display at a seafood shop.

This week we look at food vendors who offer specialty ingredients. The butcher, baker, cheesemonger, fish shop, and other specialty food stores are the focus of this Project of the Week. Let's put our favorite specialty ingredient vendors on the map.

Tagging suggestions

Like most shops, these stores may be represented as a point or an area in OpenStreetMap.

Required tags

Some specialty food shop tags are well used in OpenStreetMap. A quick survey of finds thousands of butcher and bakery, hundreds of fish and seafood and dozens of cheese shops.

  • Choose one of
  • shop=butcher # various cuts of meat
  • shop=bakery # baked goods
  • shop=cheese # processed and aged dairy products
  • shop=seafood # fish and or seafood
  • shop=beverages # beverages of all types, or non-alcoholic beverages.
  • shop=alcohol # only (or overwhelmingly focused on) alcoholic beverages
  • shop=??? # add a suitable tag for your favorite specialty food ingredient vendor
  • name=*
  • building=retail # for a building outline. Building = yes is also correct but building = retail carries more context.

Recommended tags

Be sure to include opening hours.

Add addressing information for the shop.

Add building entrance locations as nodes on the building outline way.

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