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April 2011 - Food Month

April is food month. We'll be tagging various portions of the food supply system in and around our homes. We'll look at marketplaces for the full month; venues for many vendors. Through the month we'll look at individual vendors of various foods. As always, Project of the Week and Project of the Month exist only to encourage your mapping. You don't need to wait for a project to add a cheese shop to the map!


Berlin marketplace.

A marketplace, or farmers' market is a place where multiple vendors collect to meet with their customers. We're specifically interested in marketplaces that include food from the food producer.

The Project of the Month is to map your local farmers' markets and other sources of food direct from the farmer.

Tagging suggestions

A marketplace may be represented as a point or an area in OpenStreetMap. It is helpful to also tag vendors who return regularly in addition to the marketplace. Therefore it is preferable to include marketplace polygons to hold vendor nodes.

Required tags

The only required tags for a marketplace are

  • amenity=marketplace
  • name=*
  • building=retail # for a marketplace building outline. Building = yes is also correct but building = retail carries more context.

Recommended tags

Marketplaces and farmers' markets tend to keep hours different from surrounding retail businesses. Be sure to include opening hours.

Add addressing information for the marketplace.

Add building entrance locations as a nodes on the building outline way.


These graphs show the number of marketplace points and polygons in the OpenStreetMap data base. The graphs are updated about once per hour. Graphs are a few days behind as of 30 March 2011 and should catch up shortly.

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