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Community Update from 25 April 2011 to 01 May 2011 (week 2011-17)

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Image Of the Week 2011-17

Openwhatevermap koln.png

OpenWhateverMap allows viewing a variety of map styles simultaneously, since April 1st

Project Of The Week : Sport fields

The project of the week is a fun way to get out and map something that you might not map otherwise. We're going to add more sports facilities to the map.

You might find a sport field near a local school or in a municipal park. There may even be several in close proximity. Trace the outline of the pitch with your gps and add the sporty detail to the map.

Yes NCTU tennis 2.JPG

Quick News



Other News

RFC : Extended addr keys

With micromapping the need of more detailed keys for describing addresses has risen. This new proposal suggests some sub keys like addr:floor or addr:door.

Please leave your thoughts on the talk page


RFC : Shelter Type

Back in 2006, a proposal was made to add amenity=shelter as a tag. But it wasn't documented very well and so mappers used it for example for alpine huts as well as for bus stop shelters in a city. The main mapnik renderer treats shelters as alpine huts and so renders tons of "huts" in cities.

This proposal adds shelter_type=* to distinct them.

Please leave your thoughts on the talk page


Accepted Sidewalk as a separate way

Do you remember the multiple proposals for mapping sidewalks?. The one that proposed to add sidewalks as separated ways has just been "accepted".

You can now find details on its description page ( footway=sidewalk ).

OpenStreetMap has a new logo!

If you haven't seen it yet, OSM has rolled out a new logo :

Public-images-osm logo.svg.

While it's a modern version of the old logo, there are still some adaptations to do (eg: Black & White, small scale, ...).

Obviously, the implementation caused heated discussions on the talk list.


Big thanks to AndiPersti, Stephan75, Firefishy and !i! !