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Community Update from 02 May 2011 to 08 May 2011 (week 2011-18)

Image Of the Week 2011-18


Locations in the British news this week: Stokes Croft, The Mall, Kelvingrove Park

Project Of The Week : Gyms and Dojos

Gyms and dojos are similar in structure and purpose. Both tend to include an open activity area for classes and exercise stations with exercise equipment and free weights for strength and flexibility training. While the activities and locations are very similar, a dojo may distinguish itself with a focus on a particular martial art, or group of martial arts. The Project of the Week is to add local gyms and dojos to the map.

Dojo (17).JPG

Quick News



  • University of Munich (Germany) released a Multi Attribute Router [7]
  • new release 1.8 of GeoCosm [8]
  • OSM-3D has released the XNavigator client as Open Source [9]
  • Pascal Neis updated his "How did you contribute to OSM? service with a history graph showing the contributions of a user for the last year.

Other News

Voting service:bicycle

This proposal introduces a new namespace, "service:bicycle", in order to map detailed features of a bicycle shop (shop=bicycle). For instance service:bicycle:repair=yes would mean that the shop can repair bikes, while service:bicycle:retail=no means that it doesn't sell bikes (it could be a repair-only shop). These tags could be applied to other POIs as well: a hotel which rents bikes could be tagged with service:bicycle:rental=yes.

Please add your vote to the dedicated page.


Historic Events voting

There are some highly controversial tags in OpenStreetMap. The historic=* tag is one of them. This tag adds the possibility to mark major events that occur in a place but don't necessarily leave a trace there (e.g. a birth, a death or a major robbery). After an edit war on the wiki page, User:Pieren asked the tagging list to vote whether the tag should or should not be included on the "Map Features" main page.


RFC: Access for Cars

In the access=* scheme of tags, there is the possibility to allow/disallow access for "motorcar". But the wiki describes this tag as for "motor vehicles with more than 2 wheels/more than 1 track" and thus includes trucks and autocars.

This new tag applies ONLY to cars.

Add your comments to the Talk Page.


Describing the Level of detail

You know it, OSM is so powerful, it's really hard to get all details in one survey... there are too many things you can put into OSM. Starting from this observation, some users have created a page describing their point of view about the different "levels of detail" of information you can add.



From time to time the idea about forking OSM or breaking it up into several smaller parts like wikipedia pops up. This time it's a proposal for breaking. Obviously this idea is not welcomed by everyone and would lead to a lot of technical problems.

But you can read the heated debate on the list

RFC: New access restriction

The access restriction scheme has been largely extended since its creation. This proposal wants to sum up and rewrite the access restriction tags with a more clear scheme.

Please add your comments on the talk page


RFC: advertising

This proposal wants to add a tagging scheme for advertisings. Billboards, columns, wallpaintings are those kind of advertisings you can see and take as a landmark.

Please add your comments on the talk page.


RFC: childcare

This new proposal is about tagging places for children to do homework, play and spend time otherwise after school or kindergarten. It uses the tag amenity=childcare in combination with others.

Please add your comments on the talk page.


New Tile Server for OSM!

The tile server (responsible for rendering your changes on the main website) has been changed. Newer version of Mapnik, SSD disk, more RAM, Postgresql 9.0 and the rendering is now as fast as the light :) Since the change, the lag of rendering rarely exceeds 1 minute (instead of ~20 before).



Big thanks to AndiPersti, Stephan75, Kachkaev and !i! !