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Sport and activity month

May 2011 is sport and activity month. The Project of the Month is to map sport pitches in your area. Other sport and activity related objects will be Project of the Week for the remainder of May. This week, we add gyms and dojos to the map.

Gyms and Dojos

Iaido practitioner, performing a kata
Connect Fitness Penrith Cardio Area. Located on the grounds of the University of Western Sydney, Kingswood Campus

Gyms and dojos are similar in structure and purpose. Both tend to include an open activity area for classes and exercise stations with exercise equipment and free weights for strength and flexibility training. While the activities and locations are very similar, a dojo may distinguish itself with a focus on a particular martial art, or group of martial arts. The Project of the Week is to add local gyms and dojos to the map.

Required tags

Gyms and dojos are suitable for mapping as either points or areas in OpenStreetMap. The only tags required for a gym or dojo are

  • amenity=gym (NOTE: This tag is no longer recommended. See page or alternatives)
  • amenity=dojo
  • name=Town Fitness # add the name

For a gym or dojo building

Recommended tags

Add addressing information as well.

Wheelchair accessible?

See also

For a multi-sport center consider

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