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Community Update from 21 March 2011 to 27 March 2011 (week 2011-12)

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Image Of the Week 2011-12

Tube time map.jpg

Tom Carden's Travel Time Tube Map creates isochronic maps of the London Underground

Project Of The Week : Department Stores

A department store sells a wide variety of durable goods for the home. Large and small appliances, furniture and kitchenware may each have sections or departments of the store. Clothing departments may be further divided by customer and use, such as Infant and Toddler or Outdoor clothing. The departments will continue, perhaps with jewelry and cosmetics or sporting goods.

The Project of the Week is to add local Department Stores to the map.

Le Bon Marché department store in Paris 1867.jpg



Nothing this week :)


Lists Talks

RFC : Sidewalk And Draft Sidewalk as separate way

After last week's discussions about sidewalks and footway an earlier proposal was revisited and put to RFC state.

There is also another proposal just created that prefers to handle sidewalks as a separate way.

So if you have comments on either of them, please join the proposal on the talk pages.

More More

State of House number mapping

A mapper asked the mailing list if there are other big cities that have complete house numbering, achieved manually, like in Rostock ( 200 000 inhabitants) .

It's likely no other cities are near this amazing result without using interpolation and import. This topic also includes discussion of the mobile applications that were used like Dedee GpsLogger or KeypadMapper.


Default Mapnik style updated

The default Mapnik style available on the osm main page has been extended. Changes include :

See the stylesheet osm.xml in trac


Big Thanks to : PheasantCoucal, Polyglot, Harry Wood, AndiPersti and of course !i! !