Contributor Terms Declined

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What is this page?

This is the destination page for potential OpenStreetMap contributors who have then declined the OpenStreetMap contributor terms.

If you have declined the OpenStreetMap contributor terms

If you have reached this page because you declined the OpenStreetMap contributor terms, we are sorry that you have decided to not accept the OpenStreetMap Contributor Terms. That means that you can not contribute data to OpenStreetMap. If you would like to tell us why you have decided to not accept the contributor terms, you can send us a comment

If you pressed the wrong button

If you intended to accept the contributor terms but you pressed the wrong button, you can try that again. Click the BACK button in your browser to return to the page.

If you want to contribute to OpenStreetMap anonymously

If you want to contribute to OpenStreetMap, but hoped to do so completely anonymously, we're sorry. We don't allow that any longer. You can thank the spammers. Requiring an account reduces the impact of spam on OpenStreetMap. It also allows us to confirm that each contributor has agreed to the contributor terms and that each contributor can be reached for discussion in the event of a contributor data disagreement.

If you came to this page through the wiki

Really? You searched for this page then came to visit it? Excellent.

Keep calm and carry on.