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Flag of Ukraine
Regions of Ukraine: Autonomous Republic of Crimea Oblasts of Ukraine: Cherkasy · Chernihiv · Chernivtsi · Dnipropetrovsk · Donetsk · Ivano-Frankivsk · Kharkiv · Kherson · Khmelnytskyi · Kyiv · Kirovohrad · Luhansk · Lviv · Mykolaiv · Odesa · Poltava · Rivne · Sumy · Ternopil · Vinnytsia · Volyn · Zakarpattia · Zaporizhzhia · Zhytomyr Cities with special status: Kyiv · Sevastopol
Warning: Changing the names of objects and administrative division should be guided by the decision of the DWG on 2014-06-05 (Crimea is mapped as within Ukraine and as within Russia)

There was a later resolution by DWG that was reverted, without an explanation, by OSMF. Later OSMF claimed that this weakening of on the ground principle is not actually weakening it and that special exemption is needed here. It was requested to apply on the ground rule, for example in early 2020 but for now it was not applied.

According to standard handling of disputed territories situation should be mapped according to situation on the ground, see

Full scale invasion in 2022 put border in flux, and for now there is no reason to updated borders daily based on frontline movements.

See also Disputed_territories#Europe for other disputed areas, including Ukraine.

Crimea, Ukraine

latitude: 45.2170, longitude: 34.4420
boundary: 72639, label: 681769605
Browse map of Crimea 45°13′01.20″ N, 34°26′31.20″ E
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Flag of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea
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Crimea is an autonomous republic in Ukraine at latitude 45°13′01.20″ North, longitude 34°26′31.20″ East.