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Crisis Camp London is a workshop event and meet-up group for technology enthusiasts and other volunteers who get together in London to work on projects related to disaster relief. Lots of activity and weekly meet-ups in relation to Pakistan, but now meeting monthly near Russell Square. The group is part of the worldwide Crisis Camp initiative established by crisiscommons

More details on Crisis Camp London on the wiki

What can OSMers do there?

The main attraction is free space with wifi and free pizza. Pizza16.png

Although there's a technical hacking theme, there's also lots of crisis campers (fresh newbies) who are very interested in OpenStreetMap, many of them need to learn to edit for the first time. Go along to help them? We might also draw upon some resources and, new networks for promoting OSM to, and maybe work with more creative/marketing types who can do a good job of making an OpenStreetMap Videos for example.

If you're a hacker, in theory we are doing tasks under the umbrella of OpenStreetMap - Improving OSM tools project which is already set up there. That's a project page for some activity happening at one of the other crisis camps in the U.S. In practice, any openstreetmap hacking has indirect benefit to other crisiscommons efforts. Feel free to edit the wiki there if you have ideas for tasks / project structure though.

Next one...

...will be announced on the Crisis Camp London website

The OpenStreetMap table at Crisis Camp London

Who's going?

If you are interested in going on a specific occasion, please feel free to edit this page to invite more OSMers to come along. You'll find it's easy enough attract more OSMers along if you're willing to commit yourself a little way in advance, and pro-actively tell people about it. Alternatively feel free to casually show up (Although pre-registration is required) If no OSM people go, then the event will go ahead without us anyway.