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We have many videos showing various aspects of OpenStreetMap.

Demonstration videos

Artistic or general videos presenting the project

name date content
Evolution of European OSM coverage 10/2010 history rendering of Europe
Evolution of German OSM coverage 10/2010 history rendering of Germany
OSM 2008: A year of edits 12/2008 showing the whole edits worldwide in a nice animation
Project Haiti 2/2010 showing the edit history of the Haiti earthquake
A week of changesets 3/2009 showing the edit-areas during a week worldwide
OpenStreetMap 3D 2/2010 Demonstrating OSM-3D Globe
Party renders All party render animations of different mapping parties
Mapping Bike Frida V Presenting the homebrew mapping bike Frida V
Indoor wifi positioning Presenting Geopard : Android Nutiteq maps lib-based client, JOSM+indoor plugin editor, OSM customized server on Amazon EC2
JOSM Development history Animation with Gource showing the participation on JOSM development

See Timelapse videos for more videos showing map changes over time

Conferences and slides

name date content
State Of The Map 2007 onwards A lot of past SOTM presentations have linked slides/video resources
FOSSGIS conferenc 2010 few presentations of the OSM track at FOSSGIS conference
Mimas talk user:Harry Wood about OSM and the HOT
Frederik at 24C3 2007 user:Frederik Ramm at the ChaosCommunicationCongress
Taller OSM 2012 Talleres de Mapeo Para Desarrollando América Latina
Seminario OSM 2015 Seminario de OpenStreetMap - #IPGHEcuadorCartografia


name date language content 29th Febr. 2008 french Short reportage on OpenStreetMap on a french TV channel (M6) ; User:FredB is interviewed