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Since OpenStreetMap is updated for more than a decade, some people and organizations produce timelapse videos. They demonstrate the project's growth on a span of several years. Such videos mostly show way edits on a globe or a part of it, set to some music.



By ITO World

The most well known producer of OSM timelapse videos is ITO World. Until recently all of these were published on ITO's Vimeo channel. The company also produces geospatial videos (not neccessarily with OSM data) on demand.

A Year of Edits

Since 2008 ITO World has been publishing yearly videos celebrating fast OpenStreetMap growth, titled "A Year of Edits".


By Derick Rethans

Derick also produces "A Year of Edits" videos with his open-source toolchain:

He also made a lot of regional and mapping party videos, which you can find at his Vimeo channel.

By Michael Glanznig

Illustration of changes in openstreetmap-carto style v1.0.0-v2.39.0 (data are not changing):


Mapping Parties

Quite a few mapping party renders can be found in YouTube search results. Here are some of the most impressive:

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