DC Hack weekend Feb 2012

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Hackers hacking in DC

The first OSM hack weekend in the Washington DC area was on Feb 18 and 19th in Arlington, Virginia.

What got hacked

The biggest thing to come out of the hack weekend was that a bunch of us are working on an effort do some redesign of the website. Martijn has made some page redesigns, and we're working on larger features.

Also people worked on:

  • A prepackaged OSM Website VM
  • Shields
  • User stats
  • A data message bus system
  • A conflation plugin for JOSM

In other words, a lot came out of the weekend.

Old organisational details

Sign up list

This is the original and incomplete sign up list. Additional sign ups occurred and more information is available on the Eventbrite page for the event.


GeoIQ donated a large meeting room in their Arlington office at 2200 Wilson Blvd, Suite 307 in Arlington, VA, near the Courthouse Metro. [1].


It was a buffet-style event - come for the parts you want and leave the bits you don't. The original schedule was:

Friday 17th
6pm until closing: Pre-hackery drinking meetup. Location:
  Bier Baron
  1523 22nd Street NW 
  Washington, DC 20037.
Saturday 18th
9am to 6pm-ish: Coding, chatting and so forth at hack weekend HQ, GeoIQ offices. Location:
   GeoIQ HQ
   2200 Wilson Blvd
   Suite 307
   Arlington, VA 22201
6pm until closing: TBD
Sunday 19th
9am (hangover-permitting) until 6pm-ish: More coding, subdued conversation and dim lighting at hack weekend HQ.

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