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All my contributions to OpenStreetMap are released into the public domain. This applies worldwide.
In case this is not legally possible, I grant anyone the right to use my contributions for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.
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Proposed features

There are a number of proposed features that I use and would like to see approved.

Data requests

I plan to ask for data from various providers, mostly state and county governments. I will post these in, and the first such one is Fairfax County, Virginia/Bus stop database request.



  • Not specifically OSM related, but I'd like to figure out how to calculate the surface area of an area given a multi-polygon and a TIN elevation (using only FOSS)
  • Figure out how to find particularly steep parts of paths given elevation data and a set of OSM ways (using only FOSS)

Extract Fairfax County

  • Download Fairfax County relation, then convert to polyfile using
  • Download extract from Geofabrik
  • Extract Fairfax County (4MB, took 2 minutes, max CPU on one core of Core 2 Duo T7500 2.2GHz, 4GB RAM, Windows XP, osmosis 0.38)
    • osmosis --read-pbf file="virginia.osm.pbf" --log-progress --bounding-polygon file="fairfax_border.poly" --write-pbf file="fairfax_county.pbf"
  • Extract Fairfax County from PBF on Amazon EC2 micro instance (14m45s):
    • osmosis --read-pbf file=virginia.osm.pbf --log-progress --bounding-box left=-77.5755 top=39.0718 right=-77.0334 bottom=38.614 --way-key keyList="highway" --used-node --log-progress --write-xml file=virginia.osm.xml
  • Add to database (3m7s):
    • osm2pgrouting -file virginia.osm.xml -dbname virginia -user postgres -passwd postgres -clean -conf ~/devel/osm2pgrouting/mapconfig.xml


  • Count bridges:
    • SELECT COUNT(osm_id) FROM planet_osm_line WHERE bridge IS NOT NULL;
  • Get length of bridges in meters:
    • SELECT SUM(ST_Length(way)) FROM planet_osm_line WHERE bridge IS NOT NULL;
  • Get total length of ways tagged with highway=path:
    • SELECT SUM(ST_Length(way))/1609.344 AS miles FROM planet_osm_line WHERE highway='path';

Burke Centre map


  • VBMP 2009: 38.78810019428325,-77.30692443523552
  • VBMP 2006: 38.78809840346268,-77.30691771965839

VBMP 2009 as reference

VBMP 2006

  • X-offset: -0.5821 meters
  • Y-offset: +0.1991 meters

Bing: Too small offset to determine

GIS data, copyright, FOIA


Users who've mapped in Fairfax County

  • aude
  • NE2
  • CurtReston
  • JoshD
  • emacsen
  • westendguy
  • gpstrails
  • BJD
  • mutantmonkey
  • sandsgr
  • Steve Jackson
  • jaakkoh
  • And many more of course!