Detroit, Michigan

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Detroit, Michigan, United States

latitude: 42.3528, longitude: -83.0992
boundary: 134591, label: 18994998
Browse map of Detroit 42°21′10.08″ N, 83°05′57.12″ W
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Detroit is a city in Michigan, United States at latitude 42°21′10.08″ North, longitude 83°05′57.12″ West.

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Detroit is comprised of dozens of neighborhoods, whose areas are visually presented in Detroit Neighborhoods. Where they are not included (or are only nodes, rather than areas) in the OSM map, they could be added.


State of the Map U.S. 2018

State Of The Map U.S. 2018 came to Detroit!

Mapping parties

Mapping parties are great ways learn about openstreetmap and help improve the mapping for an area that you care about.

More about Mapping parties.

3 August 2010 mapping party

  • When: 3 August 2010, 5pm
  • Where:upstairs in the Cass Cafe, 4620 Cass Ave,Detroit
  • Purpose: To add detail to the New Center,Midtown,University,Cass Corridor, Woodbridge areas.
  • Plan: To meet that the cafe, have an introduction to mapping and choose an area, head out and map it, return and add the content to openstreetmap.
  • Bring: Any of the following will be useful - A bicycle, laptop, camera, gps unit, car, your feet! You will be given a map of the area you choose to map to mark up.

People coming:

2008 mapping party

We run mapping parties which are events where anyone can come along, we lend a GPS and show you how to go out and do some mapping and get the data in to OpenStreetMap. We have one coming up in Detroit 11/12 October. They are informal events with no explicit time commitment and often a social element / beer afterward.

  • When: 11 - 12 October, 2008
    • Saturday 10am-4.
      • Saturday 10:30 Introduction to OpenStreetMap for beginners.
    • Sunday 11am-2
      • Sunday 11:30 Introduction to OpenStreetMap for beginners
  • Where: Panera Bread, 22208 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI 48124
  • After: Retire to local bar (TBA)
  • Contact User:Rw mobile 603.930.1106

Panera Bread Bakery Cafe 22208 Michigan Avenue Dearborn, MI 48124