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It has been proposed that this page be deleted or replaced by a redirect. See the discussion page for further information.
The given reason is: This page is linked from Deploying_your_own_Slippy_Map and its translations but the links at its entry there are all broken. I cannot find any resources on the internet except tweets and blog entries from about 2009. Given that the source seems not to be available for public, I see no reasons to keep this page. That's why I propose its deletion. There are still incoming links..
* Install Map assist, map client, map context, map layer, mapping kit, openlayers map client and wms modules
* Go to admin/mappingkit/mapcontext and click create
* Go to mapping/mapcontext and edit a context to your liking
* Create a page and click the 'add map' button
* Set map context to be the context you previously edited
* Set layers to the georss feed you want mapping (if you're using the location module, that can generate georss feeds to reimport into the site. Yes it's ugly, but it works)
* Click refresh then ok
* You now have a map