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ENAiKOON (enaikoon.com) is a provider of telematics solutions for tracking and tracing mobile objects like passenger cars, trucks, construction machines, pets, persons, goods, boats and many more.
The headquarters of ENAiKOON is based in Berlin, Germany.
ENAiKOON is mainly focusing its sales and marketing efforts on German, French, Spanish and English speaking countries.
ENAiKOON provides free and payable services based on OpenStreetMap data.

ENAiKOON contributed the following items to OpenStreetMap:

TIREX is a load balancer for OSM tile servers

4 Nominatim servers
can be used free of charge for non commercial projects
can be used on a paid basis by commercial users

4 tile servers
can be used free of charge for non commercial projects
can be used on a paid basis by commercial users

2 OSRM servers
can be used free of charge for non commercial projects
can be used on a paid basis by commercial users

OpenCellID client for Android phones
Can be used for recording GPS coordinates of GSM cell towers.
This data can amongst others be used for tracking cell phones w/o GPS. ENAiKOON is the maintainer of the open source project.

Maut data
ENAiKOON manually added GPS-coordinates to approx 3.000 toll relevant GPS positions in Germany that are relevant for toll collection.
This set of data at the same time contains the official names of ALL German highways exits.

Mapping workshops for ENAiKOON staff
ENAiKOON continuously trains its own stuff to be able to map things and to be able to explain to others, especially newbies, how mapping works

City map for kids
In 2009 ENAiKOON supported a team of teachers that educated pupils with the age of 12 or 13 years how to contribute data to OSM.
They basically added data that was later used for a special city map for kids.

OSM beginners courses
In 2013 ENAiKOON staff executed several training courses for OSM novices - mainly dedicated to house numbers and addresses as a perfect starting point for newbies.

Keypad-Mapper 3
Early 2013 ENAiKOON sponsored the development of Keypad-Mapper 3, the new version of the well accepted Android app for mapping house numbers.