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EuroVelo 3 is the itinerary for the famous Camino de Santiago, Way to Santiago, for bicycles. The EV3 starts at Trondheim (Norway) to the shrine of Saint Jacques in Santiago de Compostela (Spain). The route passes through Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France and Spain.

The mapping of the EV3 is a part of the European project EuroVelo and of the pilgrimages mapping project. relation 299546

Note : for mapping the walking itinerary see Camino de Santiago.

Ways to Santiago through Europe


User mikeltxo (Mikel from http://www.tagzania.com ) is doing the Camino Francés by bike from Roncesvalles/Orreaga to Santiago. Departing on Friday, October 9. I'll try to map villages, towns and POIs for pilgrims.

The Map

You can see the map here : http://osm.org/go/b@Lcv?layers=00B0FTF

But in fact, the most part of the Spanish road is mapped under the hiking Camino de Santiago. It must be imported here.

Mapping: the Relations


Each country could have a relation according to the following example :

Tag Note
name=EV3, Pilgrim's Route - French part
network=icn;Camino de Santiago


Type Role Discussion
way (blank) or 'forward' or 'backward' [1] the ways making up the route.
area node place_of_worship Main churches along the way or at stages where are services for pilgrims.
area node information Information resource for pilgrims see information=*


Don't forget mapping the amenities (shelter, fountain, drinking_water, bench, toilets, pharmacy... amenity=*), shops (shop=*) and other touristic features (hostel, camp, picnic_site, viewpoint... tourism=*) along the way that could have interest for the pilgrims, but WITHOUT including them into the relation.

EV3 in different countries

EV3 superroute relation EuroVelo 3 contains:

Part Relation
Sweden relation 2831275
Norway relation 2797378
Denmark relation 1911568
Germany relation 2795128
Belgium relation 2796830
France relation 2345035
Spain relation 299491
  1. The destination is Santiago. If the way is leading to Santiago, chose forward or left blank, otherwise chose backward