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Project Name


Main Contact


Other people involved


Short description of your project

  • The concept of streetnames is not widely used
  • Emphasis on buildings
  • Show local names
  • Rendering in of lang:am and lang tags at the same time
  • Emphasis on road quality
  • Render the lid tag (which streets are secure at night time?)
  • Make highway=primary as visible as highway=trunk for the national road network


... wikipedia toolserver ...

Warum ist das Projekt für die OSM-Community interessant?/Why is this project interesting to the OSM community?

Welche spezielle Software brauchst Du?/What special software will you need?

Mapnik and Postgix

Welche Ressourcen brauchst Du?/What resources will you need?

Not sure

Wo ist der Source-Code?/Where is your source code?

(URL des Source-Code-Repositories, wenn es schon existiert, oder eine Idee, wo der Source hinkommen soll/URL of source code repository if it already exists or some idea where you are planning to put it)

Welche Daten brauchst Du?/What data do you need?

Ethiopia. I would like to set up also a cronjob that uses osmosis to keep the data up-to-the-hour.

Verwandte Projekte/Related Projects