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Aktive Projekte/Active Projects

Project Name Subdomain Contact Server Resources needed Resources generated
staticmaps rac98 gauss Tiles, fetched via curl Map Images, served and cached
Route Manager Candid Dauth gauss
History Viewer Candid Dauth gauss
luftbilder MartinDornfelder
gauss, humboldt Geofabrik PBF Extracts static HTML pages with tag data, Poi-Data for Garmin
User groups map Harald Hartmann everest
Sven Geggus gauss
RABA Import Tools User:Stefanb gauss Source shapefile, ogr2ogr, web server, tileserver Web site with data for import via JOSM, tile layer
opening hours.js User:Ypid, Sven Geggus gauss

Time scheduling

The following table lists the project timeslots, because otherwise the server load gets too heavy. Processing time is just an estimation.

Name contact Monday Thuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday comment
All in one Garmin Map 5h 1h 1h 1h 5h 1h 1h -
NaviPOWM Maps - - - ?h (dynamic) - ?h (dynamic) ?h (dynamic) only running if aio and tagwatch do nothing!
staticmaps Rac98 clears cache - - - - - - -
TagWatch - 1-11h - 1-11h - 1-11h - local time
Worldfile Computerteddy 24h ab ca. 6:00 Start ist dynamisch, je nach Erscheinen des Planetdump

Vorgeschlagene Projekte/Proposed Projects

Siehe FOSSGIS/Server/Development-Server für eine Anleitung, wie man eigene Projekte einbringen kann.

See FOSSGIS/Server/Development-Server for information on how to contribute your own projects.

Name Subdomain Kontakt/Main Contact
Contour Lines Project is free for taking, Colin Marquardt could give initial help if needed.
Messaging services
Post- und Telefonkarte
Reverse Geocoder
POI tools (discontinued/replaced by OSMCouch) System-users-3.svgemka (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap)
Touch/Tablet OSM Editor System-users-3.svg-karlos- (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap)
Wall·E System-users-3.svgOli-Wan (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap)
Public Transport Data Integration and QC System-users-3.svgPolyglot (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap)
Public Transport Network Analysis User icon 2.svgToniE (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap)

Inaktive Projekte/Inactive Projects

Project Name Subdomain Contact Server Resources needed Resources generated
Osmosis Continuous Integration
BrettH, Hakan gauss Hudson Server Continuous Integration for all interested project
All in one Garmin Map Flacus, gauss Geofabrik PBF Extracts Compressed Garmin maps
NaviPOWM Maps Geofabrik XML Extracts, Planet file Compressed maps for the whole planet and parts
TagWatch Dirk Stöcker, Stoecker
tagwatch at dstoecker de
gauss Geofabrik XML Extracts static HTML pages with tag data
MoNav Maps Christoph Eckert, SlowRider
gauss Geofabrik PBF Extracts Maps for MoNav, update frequency dependent on available CPU time
Street Parking Kay Drangmeister, kay_D gauss (Tiles from Toolserver) Maps for Parking, served
TTTBot User:Tordanik gauss
OSM Slovenia Web Site User:Stefanb gauss
Geschichtskarten Historische Objekte
Historische Grenze Sachsen-Preußen 1815
Historische Forstgrenze Dübener Heide 1895
lutz gauss

Abgelehnte Projekte/Declined Projects

  • Sandbox -- völlig unklar, um was es hier gehen soll - much too vage what is meant by this