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Name des Projektes/Project Name

OSM Slovenia Web Site

Kontakt/Main Contact


Andere Projektmitarbeiter/Other people involved

Kurze Beschreibung des Projektes


Short description of your project

Support for OSM activities in Slovenia:

  • website (lightweight entry point, using either OSM tiles or customly rendered ones)
  • Serving current Sl:Garmin_Map extracts
  • Serving current (and historic) .osm extracts of Slovenia
  • Rendering tiles with name:sl having higher priority (interesting in bilingual neighbouring territories)


Warum ist das Projekt für die OSM-Community interessant?/Why is this project interesting to the OSM community?

TBD / Better service and recognition for local OSM community in Slovenia

Welche spezielle Software brauchst Du?/What special software will you need?

  • web server (apache or similar that can serve virtual hosts)

Welche Ressourcen brauchst Du?/What resources will you need?

  • cron job for triggering generation of exports
  • some web space:
    • website 10 MB
    • .osm and garmin files 100 MB (1GB with .osm history)
    • custom tiles (at least 2x2 degrees country region) ??MB

Wo ist der Source-Code?/Where is your source code?

TBD, most likely on github or in main osm svn repository ( or )

Welche Daten brauchst Du?/What data do you need?

  • optionally a readonly local planet database (mirror of main OSM DB)

Verwandte Projekte/Related Projects

  • Local websites
  • OSM Exports