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Government publishes address data which would improve the OpenStreetMap data in Slovenia.

Ideally the address changes would also be imported regularly (not a one-time import).


GURS publishes the address points as ShapeFile under CC-BY 2.5 SI license at (English:

Data structure is described in:

Download by:

  1. Navigating to section "9. Register of spatial units", then
  2. Selecting either "Spatial units" (Prostorske enote) or "Streets" (Ulice) or "House numbers" (Hišne številke) radio button, then
  3. Clicking the button "Download" (Prevzem podatkov)

Source data is in "Slovenia D48" national grid and must be reprojected to WGS84 for use with OpenStreetMap.

Encoding in shapefiles is Windows-1250 and should be converted to UTF-8 for use with OpenStreetMap.

Same source is already being used for OpenAddresses, see


CC-BY 2.5 SI -

Terms details:

Generally CC-BY data would need additional waiver signed ( defining how the attribution should be performed, but GURS has it already in theit terms:

The data user shall indicate the data source in every publication of data or products. Such indications shall include the following data: "Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia, the type of data and the time to which the data refer and/or the date of the database."

which is stated on and details on


  • addr=* tags :
    • addr:housenumber=*, eg "5" or "12a" or "35č", source column LABELA The addendum will be lowercased as it is usually on house number plates to follow on-the-ground principle
    • addr:street=*- street name from UL.UL_UIME , joined via UL_MID source column + " / " (separator) + name in alternative bilingual language (Italian / Hungarian) from (UL.UL_DJ column) (eg: "Otlica" or "Glavna ulica / Fő utca" or "Ulica Božidarja Jakca / Via Božidar Jakac") - See Multilingual names in Slovenia
      • addr:street:sl=* - street name from UL.UL_UIME , joined via UL_MID source column (eg: "Otlica" or "Glavna ulica" or "Ulica Božidarja Jakca")
      • addr:street:hu=* OR addr:street:it=* - street name from UL.UL_DJ , joined via UL_MID source column (eg "Fő utca" or "Via Božidar Jakac")
    • addr:place=* applicable in places (villages, hamlets) with no street system (no street name present), instead of addr:street=*, same logic regarding bilingualism applies
    • addr:postcode=* numerical, 4-digit post code (eg 1000, 1234, 2000...) - PT_ID (from SI.GURS.RPE.PUB.PT.shp) joined via PT_MID
    • addr:city=* not strictly required if administrative borders are complete - but it seems common to add a postal area name - PT_UIME (from SI.GURS.RPE.PUB.PT.shp) joined via PT_MID Bilingual in some cases, separated by "-" within same source field Question: should this be split into addr:city:sl=*, addr:city:it=* and addr:city:hu=*?
    • ...
  • Source / attribution tags (trend in recent imports is to only add these tags to changeset, but the connection is easier lost in such cases):
    • source:addr=GURS - to denote that address was obtained from GURS - needed to distinguish if address is merged with building outline (some existing data:
    • source:date=YYYY-MM-DD - shp field D_OD - Datum veljavnosti with proper formatting applied. question: 1) should we use source:addr:date=YYYY-MM-DD instead? 2) should it be date when source db was taken (date of shp download) or when individual record was entered into source DB (DV_OD Datum vnosa v bazo)
    • ref:GURS:HS_MID=* - value of HS_MID field for preserving the numeric id from the source dataset (Question: should we use source:ref=* or source:addr:ref=* instead?)
  • Intentionally skipped tags:
    • addr:country=SI Not required if administrative country border is complete (it is, see relation 218657)
    • commune - not needed
    • cadastral data, voting/school district... - irrelevant in OSM


Simple (most common) address tags:

       "addr:city": "Ljubljana",
       "addr:housenumber": "14",
       "addr:postcode": "1000",
       "addr:street": "Wolfova ulica",
       "ref:GURS:HS_MID": "12807155",
       "source:addr": "GURS",
       "source:addr:date": "1995-01-01"

Bilingual (Italian) street name tags:

       "addr:city": "Piran - Pirano",
       "addr:housenumber": "15",
       "addr:postcode": "6330",
       "addr:street": "Tartinijev trg / Piazza Giuseppe Tartini",
       "addr:street:it": "Piazza Giuseppe Tartini",
       "addr:street:sl": "Tartinijev trg",
       "ref:GURS:HS_MID": "14051864",
       "source:addr": "GURS",
       "source:addr:date": "1995-01-01"

No street name, but bilingual (Hungarian) place name tags:

       "addr:city": "Lendava - Lendva",
       "addr:housenumber": "26",
       "addr:place": "Trimlini / Hármasmalom",
       "addr:place:hu": "Hármasmalom",
       "addr:place:sl": "Trimlini",
       "addr:postcode": "9220",
       "ref:GURS:HS_MID": "12642318",
       "source:addr": "GURS",
       "source:addr:date": "1995-01-01"


Purpose built sotware making use of:


Data preparation stage (description, links to github, prepared data...)

Import stage (instructions for the importers)

Mandatory: dedicated user accounts with current_username + "_import" postfix, eg "username_import" (easy email alias eg: ime@gmail -> ime+osmimport@gmail)


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