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Name des Projektes/Project Name

RABA Import Tools

Kontakt/Main Contact


Andere Projektmitarbeiter/Other people involved

User:coloredstone, User:Gvil, User:Mark Martinec

Kurze Beschreibung des Projektes/Short description of your project

Tools for Slovenia Landcover Import - RABA-KGZ:

  • SHP file processing (splitting, tagging, converting to OSM format)
  • Web page for import via JOSM's RemoteControl
  • Overview of current import status
  • Rendered "built-up and similar" areas with roads as tiles


Warum ist das Projekt für die OSM-Community interessant?/Why is this project interesting to the OSM community?

Enriching the OSM data in Slovenia

Welche spezielle Software brauchst Du?/What special software will you need?

  • ogr2ogr
  • HTTP server for static files (html, zipped .shp & .osm)
  • PostGIS, mapnik, mod_tile...?

Welche Ressourcen brauchst Du?/What resources will you need?

  • 5-10 GB disk
  • few GB RAM (only when ogr2ogr will be running, on demand, at most once per month)

Wo ist der Source-Code?/Where is your source code? - website for easing the data import via JOSM - scripts for preparing the source data into smaller splits suitable for OSM import

Welche Daten brauchst Du?/What data do you need?

RABA import shapefile from

Verwandte Projekte/Related Projects

FOSSGIS/Server/Projects/OSM Slovenia Web Site but there is not much in common with this one


in progress