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Project Name

MoNav (unix name monav)

Main Contact

Christoph Eckert SlowRider

Other people involved

Christian Vetter

Short description of your project

MoNav is a portable and easy to use navigation software for mobile devices based on a very fast algorithm for offline route calculation and map rendering. It currently supports routing for pedestrians, bicyclers and car drivers. Turn by turn instructions are provided. MoNav is GPL'ed free software.

MoNav is lacking a toolchain for automated creation of builds, map data, and an infrastructure for downloading this material.


MoNav Homepage


Why is this project interesting to the OSM community?

There are several routers, but none of them provides a straightforward user experience. Additionally the availability of map material is crucial for a router's success. If MoNav becomes the first user friendly routing software, it will have an impact to the mappers to solve the following problems:

  • How do we need to enter house numbers to get proper geocoding?
  • How do we need to map streets so address searches can determine which city a street belongs to?
  • How do we need to map zip codes so we can determine which street/location belongs to a given zip code?
  • And the like

What special software will you need?

  • For automated compilation, some build environment will be necessary, in the optimum case even some cross-compilation environment. We hope we can do all of this autonomously.
  • If we will create map material on the machine, we will need to install several tools and to discuss when and how much horsepower we can get on the machine.
  • Probably Mapnik needs to be available.
  • If we manage to get vector rendering up and running using libosmscout, the libosmscout converter needs to run.

What resources will you need?

Cannot be determined exactly right now. For processing the routing material, some RAM (say 8GB) is required. Processing the material is relatively fast, but will require, say, 1h for each map set.

For vector maps, osmscout will probably be used. However, the converter currently is resource hungry. We are in touch with its author, who currently is working on some optimisation.

Where is your source code?

MoNav is currently hosted at Google Code.

What data do you need?

  • .PBF extracts
  • Maybe .osm extracts
  • Maybe osm data in a postgis

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