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A home for elderly persons. Edit or translate this description.
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A Retirement home is a multi-residence home for elderly persons who do not need permanent care. Names and definitions vary; in some places in the English speaking world this may be called an old people's home, a retirement village, or a retirement community. The distinction between this and a nursing home is primarily that a nursing home implies constantly-available (medical) care and a retirement home does not.


See amenity=social_facility for an alternative tagging scheme, which allows a finer distinction of the type of the facility. Use social_facility=assisted_living and the target group social_facility:for=senior.


How to tag?

Définissez un nœud nœud au centre de l’objet ou tracez une zone zone le long du contour. Add the tagging as above. If there are outdoor spaces as well, use the tag on the site polygon (draw the perimeter of the retirement home grounds).

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