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Archived discussion. For current discussion see File talk:OSM Components.png

Original diagram discussion

This is discussion of Harry's original sketchy diagram (see earlier versions of this file in the version history). This discussion was moved from Talk:Component overview

The Diagram is not accurate in some places.
  • Mapnik renders off of a weekly db dump, not live data.
  • the osmarender layer is solely updated by tiles@home, which uses the osmarender renderer for z12-17 and a bitmap stitching method for z0-11
  • the applet is no longer available. Potlatch has taken it's place.
--Deelkar (talk) 00:32, 15 June 2007 (BST)
OK I've fiddled with the diagram. It now shows Potlatch and Planet.osm. It shows a bit more detail about the tile serving arrangement. Tiles@Home tiles are actually kept on a different server (which seems kind of disorganised actually). I've changed 'API' to 'Protocol Interface'. "API" is the more widely used name for it, but well that was discussed on Talk:REST... but then just "Protocol" didn't seem right for the component box on the diagram.
There's a few quirky inter-dependencies which are difficult to show on this diagram. For example the web front end has some functionality around user management and preferences, does this hook directly into the database not via the Protocol? Also there is actually a close relationship between the web front end code, and the protocol code. That is all Ruby on Rails code running on the same www server I beleive. So the diagram is misleading in that it shows these components as very separate (front end and back end)
We can remedy this to some extent, by describing the components in the text below. ...but anyone should feel free to draw a better component diagram. It's just something I whipped up! I have the SVG source.
- Harry Wood 12:32, 15 June 2007 (BST)

Just discovered that Potlatch has it's own server-side interface with the database, not via the Protocol (documented at Potlatch/Development overview#How Potlatch talks to the OSM server) ...rats! That's going to mess up the arrow layout! Seems to have gone unnoticed for a while though. -- Harry Wood 15:46, 4 September 2007 (BST)

Since this discussion the diagram was completely re-created (September 2009) by User:Ivansanchez