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OpenStreetMap isn't just innovative because it's free - it's also innovative in that new features can get onto the map much more quickly than with traditional webmapping companies.

See here for sources of information about new developments that we should map.

Among the features mapped first by OpenStreetMap are:




  • Wilfred Owen Close in Shrewsbury mapped by Higgy. There was a blank name sign when it was surveyed. Two weeks later there was an article about the name and unveiling the sign, not far from where the famous war poet was known to have lived. Later the same week the name was recorded in OSM. Another first.



  • Circuit of The Americas raceway near Austin, Texas, mapped by Homeslice60148. This was completed using a combination of Bing aerial imagery, construction permits, and site plans filed with the State of Texas. The Circuit will be host to the F1 and MotoGP United States Grand Prix from 2012 through 2022.