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The OpenStreetMap Foundation:

  • has no employees at the moment (2020-05). There are plans to hire a Senior Site Reliability Engineer.
  • has contractors: 2-3 providing services on regular basis and others infrequently.

Below is a non-exhaustive list.

Name Period Employee or Contractor Regular or infrequent Services Notes
Guillaume Rischard 2021-05 to X Contractor Infrequent Financial services to the board
Noah Miller/Lemniscus 2021-02 Contractor Infrequent OSMF online membership sign-up improvements
Some of the Microgrants 2020 recipients 2020-2021 Contractors Infrequent
Quincy Morgan/Stereochrome Co. 2020-09 to 2021-? Contractor iD development
Michelle Heydon 2017-now Contractor Regular Accounting services
Dorothea Kazazi 2016-now Contractor Regular Administrative assistance to the Foundation's board and working groups
  • Circular for initial contract not found, decision probably during a board meeting.
Vivien Sheehan X-2017 Contractor Regular Accounting services
  • Retired