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This page contains information of historical relevance about the US Chapter board and activites. Please refer to the main page for current plans, activities and news.

Elections for 2011-2012 Board

The 2011-2012 elections were held in October 2011. Please visit the Elections subpage for more information about past, present, and future elections.

2010/11 Board

The members of the 2010/2011 Board of Directors were:

  • 2009/09/16 - Kate Chapman makes first mention on talk-us about forming a Chapter
  • 2009/11/02 - first Chapter forming meeting held
  • 2010/02/15 - voting commenced for temporary board
  • 2010/03/04 - first meeting with elected board
  • 2010/04/19 - the Chapter was incorporated in the District of Columbia
  • 2010/08/?? - 2010-2011 elections were held