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Main article: Foundation/Local Chapters/United States/Elections/2012


Nominations were open from September 19 - October 3rd 23:59 CST. All positions were open for re-election.


Voting by email was open from October 4 - October 11th 23:59 CST via e-mail.

New members can join (and be eligible to vote) until October 11th 23:59 CST.

Results 2011-2012

Fourteen ballots were cast by 50% of eligible members. Results were announced 12 October 2011.

Name Result (Order) Manifesto (Position statement) Notes
Carl Anderson 6 (6th) none
Martijn van Exel 11 (2nd tie) Manifesto Elected
Randy Hale 11 (2nd tie) none Elected
Jim McAndrew 10 (5th) Manifesto Elected
Michal Migurski 13 (1st) Manifesto Elected
Richard Welty 11 (2nd tie) Manifesto Re-elected

Email votes

If you are a paid-up member of the OSM US local chapter you may vote by email for the next US local chapter board. To do this, send a message to the following email addresses containing details of your votes:

To: (Ian Dees - US local chapter secretary)
cc: (Jonathan Bennett - Independent scrutineer)
cc: (Richard Weait - Independent scrutineer)
Subject: US Chapter Board Vote 2011 

The content of the email should be a list of the candidates for whom you are voting. You may vote for up to five candidates. Any ballot with more than five candidates listed will be discarded as spoiled. Any ballot with conditions will be discarded as spoiled.

Your ballot should include the name or email address that you used to register as a US Local Chapter member, if you are sending your vote from another email address.


Results announced 1 September 2010, monitored by Richard Weait and Mike Collinson [1].

  • Kate Chapman
  • Thea Clay
  • Ian Dees
  • Steven Johnson
  • Richard Welty

2010 temporary board

Main article: USOSMTempBoardElections

This election was for the creation of a temporary board that served until the first organizational meeting was held. Details of the election process were posted to talk-us by Serge [2]. The following individuals accepted nominations (links point to their acceptances):

  • Richard Welty [3]
  • Ian Dees [4]
  • Kate Chapman [5]
  • Serge Wroclawski [6]
  • Adam Schreiber [7]
  • Steven Johnson [8]
  • Katie Filbert [9]
  • Thea Clay [10]
  • Dane Springmeyer [11]
  • Peter Batty [12]

Commencement of voting was announced by Serge [13] on 2010/02/15, and voting was open until 2010/02/28. was used to collect the results, with a turnout of 74% (23 valid ballots out of 31 potential) [14]. Elected board members were:

  • Kate Chapman (President)
  • Serge Wroclawski (Vice President)
  • Thea Clay (Treasurer)
  • Richard Welty (Secretary)
  • Steven Johnson (Board Member at Large)