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What's the board?

OpenStreetMap US is governed by a board of directors made up of five individuals. All five positions are up for election each year. To find out more about board activities, keep an eye out for an upcoming town hall with current board members.


All five board seats are subject to this election. Current board:

  • Maggie Cawley
  • Ian Dees
  • Brian DeRocher
  • Seth Fitzsimmons
  • Alyssa Wright

How do I vote?

At the beginning of the election period all members of OpenStreetMap US will receive a ballot link at their registered email address. You can join OpenStreetMap US prior to the election week. If you're not sure about your membership status or your registered email, please get in touch with us at

How do I learn more about candidates?

There was a townhall meeting with the 2017 board to discuss what it's like being on the board. Also, take a look at last year's town hall on YouTube.

There will be a townhall meeting with the 2018 board candidates via Google Hangouts shortly after. To watch last year's, go here.

Every candidate is also required to submit a position statement. These are linked below.


Here is the full list of all candidates standing for elections.

Candidates can nominate themselves until the end of the day on Feb 11, 2018 by adding their name to this list. If a nominee chooses to withdraw, please leave your name on the page and add (Withdrawn) after it.

To learn more about candidates, review their position statement below or watch the Candidate Townhall (to be held Jan 27, 2018 and Jan 20, 2018, see above).

Result Name Nomination
Manifesto (Position statement) Chapter member since
Elected in round 1 Ian Dees Brian DeRocher Position statement 2010 (confirmed)
Elected in round 1 Alyssa Wright Ian Dees Position Statement 2016 - New vision coming soon. 2013 (confirmed)
Elected in round 6 Jonah Adkins Alyssa Wright Position Statement 2015 (confirmed)
Elected in round 1 Bryan Housel Jonah Adkins Position Statement 2015 (confirmed)
Eliminated in round 6 Brian DeRocher Jonah Adkins Position Statement 2011 (confirmed)
Elected in round 3 Maggie Cawley Jonah Adkins Position Statement 2014 (confirmed)

Key: o - osm user page, u - wiki user page

Independent observers

The election is overseen by an independent observer Alan McConchie.



  • Nominations close Feb 11, 2018.
  • This wiki page has been provided for recording nominations
  • Nominees must provide position statements at the time of nomination via links on this wiki page, or a statement embedded in the table above
  • A Nominee who withdraws should not remove their name from the wiki page, but rather clearly note that they decline by editing the page
  • A current officer of OSM US will verify that nominees are members before the election starts. A nominee may join OSM US at any time before the end of the nomination period to become eligible (note that the nominee must be fully paid up at the time that nominations close.)
  • A valid nomination will include:
    • a name posted on this wiki page
    • a position statement or link to a position statement on this wiki page
    • All of the above by Feb 11, 2018 (based on the wiki timestamp of the last edit)
    • Independent verification of current membership (this can happen at any time before the start of the election and is not the responsibility of the Nominee)


  • Only paid members of OpenStreetMap US can vote. You must be a member by Feb 18, 2018.
  • The voting period runs from Feb 11, 2018 to Feb 18, 2018.
  • Members who renew their membership or are members before the end of elections can vote.
  • Voting members will receive links via email to the voting website
  • Paid OpenStreetMap US members will receive, via email, a unique link to a voting page. This will be sent to the email address associated with their entry in OSM US membership records.
  • Members may rank all the candidates in order of preference, and the election will be conducted using Single Transferrable Vote.
  • One independent monitor will come from the greater OSM community. the monitor shall not be a current board member or candidate for the OSM US board. They will have access to the voting website in order to verify that the vote has been correctly counted and reported.